SHIRT CHALLENGE: Guessing clubs based ONLY on their colours!!!

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Matt has tried his luck at the club logo quiz but how does Angelina fair on a club shirt colours quiz??? How many clubs can Angelina name that play in a specific shirt colour?
#football #challenge #quiz
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Let us know how many clubs you got!
Nico 26 ימים לפני
Nico 26 ימים לפני
really how did she forget for yellow: Nantes, Dortmund, Bresil etc
Minecraft Mechanic
Minecraft Mechanic חודש לפני
Leeds for white why would one forget that one
I got alot
Gamingwithglasses חודש לפני
Would Jamaica play in yellow and green?
Adam Commer
Adam Commer 28 ימים לפני
Green/yellow: nates
Meriton Qela
Meriton Qela 28 ימים לפני
How she forgot England in white
Harry B
Harry B 28 ימים לפני
everyone knows Forest play in red lol
Nathaniel M
Nathaniel M 29 ימים לפני
She didn’t get Dortmund for yellow
E Minor yay
E Minor yay 29 ימים לפני
Everyone talking about yellow and Dortmund but no one talking about Croatia on white and red
Kuba Biegun
Kuba Biegun 29 ימים לפני
My country you did not guess Poland😭😭❤️
NicoTine חודש לפני
3:06 how the fu** she said Angers ?
denodavito חודש לפני
1:33 I love the way she pronounce Gladbach Gladbatsch ^^
Josh Napier
Josh Napier חודש לפני
I’m a dons fan and I was so happy when she said Aberdeen ❤️🤍❤️🤍 COYR
Alex Silk
Alex Silk חודש לפני
Maybe she could do better if she didn't speak drivel constantly
S C חודש לפני
Ganpat Dhuri
Ganpat Dhuri חודש לפני
PSG ajax Poland national team
Zeino On r6
Zeino On r6 חודש לפני
She didn’t say Newell’s and Dortmund lol
Tadas חודש לפני
When i saw red and white i was just screaming ajax like fr.
Manchester is Red
Manchester is Red חודש לפני
When she didn’t mention Dortmund for yellow- ODLAPQOERJDKSKEKND WTF
Christian Brown
Christian Brown חודש לפני
Dortmund yellow Lille white and red
MrSam GGs
MrSam GGs חודש לפני
1:12 West Brom's Away or Third🤷‍♂️
Footy Clips
Footy Clips חודש לפני
5:19 slavia
I am_Future
I am_Future חודש לפני
Emmmmmm... emmmmm.... emmmm.... emmmm... emmm... the whole video was just emmm But damn i just love footballing loving girls But my girl can even tolerate football :(
manos makris
manos makris חודש לפני
She said royal blues without mentioning schalke wtf
CaKh Ng
CaKh Ng חודש לפני
Why does Defensa y Justicia come into my mind for yellow and green? Not Brazil.
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba חודש לפני
Red also South Hampton
T0bz 211
T0bz 211 חודש לפני
Nobody: Angelina: ERM
Louis Field
Louis Field חודש לפני
Yes Angelina got 44, but does she speak Hebrew ?
Sherif חודש לפני
Best football channel there is!
Charles Sena Amoatey
Charles Sena Amoatey חודש לפני
Can't believe she didn't mention Dortmund for yellow
NIKOLAI More חודש לפני
I love her voice man 😅❤️😂
Ankur Banerjee
Ankur Banerjee חודש לפני
Nura Qalicha
Nura Qalicha חודש לפני
Why didnt she say dortmund
Mr EG Gameplayz
Mr EG Gameplayz חודש לפני
I am kindda triggered that she didn't say PSG for red and blue! Allez les Rouge et Bleu!❤️💙
Adrian K
Adrian K חודש לפני
for green and white you could have said Nantes in France
Sandipan Saha
Sandipan Saha חודש לפני
What's that accent? Can anyone say?? I love it! 🤩
Nathan Kallarackal
Nathan Kallarackal חודש לפני
I think it's Manc
Nikolaus Antonakopoulos
Nikolaus Antonakopoulos חודש לפני
Hey very nice I like those challenges. Do you think you could do that together with the onefootball Deutschland squat so with Nico, Niklas and Christoph
Rayan Aayat Chowdhury
Rayan Aayat Chowdhury חודש לפני
You forgot Watford in yellow and green and leeds in white.
I am CamaZotz
I am CamaZotz חודש לפני
Aaam Aaam Aaam Aaam Aaam Aaaam Aaaaaam Aaaam Aaaaam
kun abhi
kun abhi חודש לפני
RnB- barca ayum palace ayum levante.... Meanwhile PSG- am i a joke to you?
Sven-Seyit Turkut
Sven-Seyit Turkut חודש לפני
i was literally screaming Beşiktaş and Dortmund at my screen
Harmanpreet Singh
Harmanpreet Singh חודש לפני
The poor yellow wall Dortmund
buttplugs and mastadons 1988
buttplugs and mastadons 1988 חודש לפני
Brazil are yellow and blue aren't they lol
Mancity Forever
Mancity Forever חודש לפני
Dortmund play in yellow
Sumedh Sontakke
Sumedh Sontakke חודש לפני
Angelina missed Dortmund and Ajax. Apart from that she was kinda impressive. Good job indeed.
Abhinav Rawat
Abhinav Rawat חודש לפני
Isn't it racist?
Kaushik Mishra
Kaushik Mishra חודש לפני
Prashant Bhatta
Prashant Bhatta חודש לפני
Seeing Oscar Mingueza in thumbnail was a surprise. 😁
FiE חודש לפני
How many times did she said erm?
Aneesh G
Aneesh G חודש לפני
for red and blue it could be huesca
Xylon Jimenez
Xylon Jimenez חודש לפני
How did she not think of psg
Kris Gordon
Kris Gordon חודש לפני
I was screaming: Royal Blue: Inter Milan Red and White: Poland
neel desai
neel desai חודש לפני
IDK what this EHMMMt club is but seems to wear all the colors
Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks Coffee חודש לפני
Dortmund would come under yellow and black not just yellow
Nick Alappat
Nick Alappat חודש לפני
U forgot atletico for red
Nick Alappat
Nick Alappat חודש לפני
And juventus for white
Faisal Arabiyat
Faisal Arabiyat חודש לפני
Dortmund for yellow and poland
Jacob חודש לפני
PSG for red and blue as well
Incognito חודש לפני
'don't ask how I know this' Names a 2nd tier club.... 😂😂😂
Devadath kr
Devadath kr חודש לפני
Yellow - kerala blasters
Yedidia Weiss
Yedidia Weiss חודש לפני
4:18 Hapoel Haifa
chibifirestorm חודש לפני
Newells Old Boys too, Cagliari, Genoa
RED_flux חודש לפני
Branko :D
Branko :D חודש לפני
You still have time to delete this
Puffin - One Handed Gamer
Puffin - One Handed Gamer חודש לפני
Uruguay are light blue right? England national team are white. Of course you couldn't know this, but HB Thorshavn up here in the Faroe Islands play in black and red (or is it red and black), they are basicly the same as AC Milan. my Local team has the same colors as Inter Milan :) there are 2 teams up here that play in Red, B68 and IF Fuglafjørður. KI Klaksvik play in Blue and white, not sure if you had that one.
Fred's gaming
Fred's gaming חודש לפני
3:29 wtf dourmond
Labib Hasan
Labib Hasan חודש לפני
When Angelina said " royal blue" I was thinking she would say Schalke
Adran Sark
Adran Sark חודש לפני
Dude the "eeeeeemmmmmmm" is cute
C33 Gaming
C33 Gaming חודש לפני
Yellow = Brazil 🤦, but overall you did well.
Psg for red and blue
Sam חודש לפני
Zebra FC = PRisoners (Manchester United)
Only MC
Only MC חודש לפני
I enjoyed playing along ... didn't do as well ... but maybe do it with kits e.g done with football crest now maybe show kits without the crest just an idea.
Kalash Bheda
Kalash Bheda חודש לפני
Red benfica
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva חודש לפני
Everyone triggered she didn't get and I am triggered she didn't get Polony,litteraly the flag! Still blew me though.
M NK חודש לפני
U missed dortmund in yellow
Portia Nkomezulu
Portia Nkomezulu חודש לפני
I was screaming at the screen but realized she couldn't hear me
JUSTIN SIU חודש לפני
Anyone feel sad when she didn’t say new Boys for red and black
Anonymous חודש לפני
When it was yellow does Dortmund not count? I was literally screaming at my screen because she didn’t say Dortmund
Jeffrey Jeffrey
Jeffrey Jeffrey חודש לפני
They did you dirty with the thumbnail
Hello Mezara
Hello Mezara חודש לפני
I got more than her like 48
Rishit Ghosh
Rishit Ghosh חודש לפני
How did you miss Dortmund in yellow XD
Martin Goatwaithe
Martin Goatwaithe חודש לפני
Dortmund maybe feeling disrespected 🤣🤣. How did she not say dem for yellow
shubham wanve
shubham wanve חודש לפני
That drake meme. Matt: ✋ Angelina: ☝️
Sag 29
Sag 29 חודש לפני
I'm shocked that she knows so many laliga teams lol
LilSxmi חודש לפני
@FBI Agent fax
FBI Agent
FBI Agent חודש לפני
Same. Usually English people don't give a damn about leagues other than the pl
Yusuf I
Yusuf I חודש לפני
Hhahah Now its Angelina's turn and she probably got PUNISHED😅
Fahad Mohammad
Fahad Mohammad חודש לפני
Italian teams: Aight imma head out
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli חודש לפני
Asking if Norwich wear yellow and green looked like an act.
Joel Lois
Joel Lois חודש לפני
The yellow and green could be the west brom away kit
suraj dubey
suraj dubey חודש לפני
Ramgui Disong
Ramgui Disong חודש לפני
Yellow?!!? Dortmund??🥲
brightskypa חודש לפני
When she didn’t say psg for red/blue I was stoked
brightskypa חודש לפני
@MSN I agree with you but they are so popular
MSN חודש לפני
Psg is nothing
Zeno Guy
Zeno Guy חודש לפני
Germany is black and white smh
Fahad Daniyal
Fahad Daniyal חודש לפני
Angelina Looks like more Intelligent than Matt 🙏 LoL 🤣 Sorry Matt pls don't kill me.
Mboppè חודש לפני
Séñør Tåçø
Séñør Tåçø חודש לפני
I can't believe you missed dortmund, rangers, stoke, Cardiff and sunderland!
Karma nawang Shenga
Karma nawang Shenga חודש לפני
PSG and Dortmunt am I a joke to you😂
Poopy Farts
Poopy Farts חודש לפני
I got 65
Joseph Kuriakose
Joseph Kuriakose חודש לפני
angelina wat abt dortmund ?? yellow and black!!!!!!!!!! hwevr u did well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
F2P Gamer
F2P Gamer חודש לפני
on seeing red and white slavia prague always comes in my mind
valeridani Kovachev
valeridani Kovachev 27 ימים לפני
Same,and Monaco.
PureAsGold חודש לפני
Atletico madrid sitting in the corner .................🤐
F2P Gamer
F2P Gamer חודש לפני
angelina makesa video on halaand also angelina on seeing yellow: aahm aahm
Sasha Kogan
Sasha Kogan חודש לפני
Ahmed Basit
Ahmed Basit חודש לפני
Why didn't she say Brazil when Yellow Everyone's talking bout BVB
thomasNL חודש לפני
red and white made me scream Ajax
bruhhh *
bruhhh * חודש לפני
she says "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh" more than jamie carragher
Rahul B89
Rahul B89 חודש לפני
Messi ON FIRE AGAIN + Man United set Pogba DEADLINE!
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