Rating the Cristiano Ronaldo transfer rumours (Swipe Right)

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OneFootball English

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Mustafa7mcr 14 ימים לפני
Well… tough cos he’s at united
Connor has no idea
Connor has no idea 19 ימים לפני
This aged like milk
Visça El Barça #GraciasLeo
Visça El Barça #GraciasLeo 21 יום לפני
Here after Ronny signed with United lol
Lucas 22 ימים לפני
who is here after roonlado joined man united
Zia Abedi
Zia Abedi 23 ימים לפני
Her: Man U won’t get Ronaldo 5 minutes later: Breaking news Ronaldo agrees with Man U deal The World :😲
23 ימים לפני
Ronaldo has moved to united before they uploaded this vid bruh
Skylytical YT
Skylytical YT 23 ימים לפני
Aged well innit?
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes 24 ימים לפני
0:07 ironic
siyabonga asiamah
siyabonga asiamah 24 ימים לפני
😂 Angelina do you have any regrets for being a man united fan and thinking we don't deserve CR7
Jayaram Singh
Jayaram Singh 24 ימים לפני
Look who is a shit now 😂
Loris 24 ימים לפני
Lol he is going to United:D
Deepankar Mazumder
Deepankar Mazumder 24 ימים לפני
That is some ultra level jinxing Angelina.
Olmaha A. Tjemsland
Olmaha A. Tjemsland 24 ימים לפני
Ronaldo returns to united. (Confirmed)
Aarya Shah
Aarya Shah 24 ימים לפני
That's why he joined United right?
who’s gadaffi
who’s gadaffi 24 ימים לפני
Hours later and united have done it
Pratik 24 ימים לפני
This did not aged well
Hriday Adwani
Hriday Adwani 25 ימים לפני
that didn't go well
Kartik Tyagi
Kartik Tyagi 25 ימים לפני
Angelina would be so happy to get this so horribly wrong 😂.#GGMU
Meezy B
Meezy B 25 ימים לפני
At least he signed for united
Cayden.M 25 ימים לפני
Lol this escalated he went to United
arjun saini
arjun saini 25 ימים לפני
Came here after ronaldo joins untied
arv bolan
arv bolan 25 ימים לפני
Too soon 😂
Don Vernon
Don Vernon 25 ימים לפני
This aged well 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adam Katz
Adam Katz 25 ימים לפני
This aged well
Top Gaming
Top Gaming 25 ימים לפני
Ronaldo has joined man utd lol 🤣🤣🤣
Team Maher
Team Maher 25 ימים לפני
Wanna talk about Man Utd? LOL🤣
sandeep kumar
sandeep kumar 25 ימים לפני
Hey Angelina I just came to tell you that.. CR7 is back at utd... Romano says the golden words.. HERE WE GO😍
xQtCow 25 ימים לפני
Put your glasses back on you swiped wrong
Aman Rafique
Aman Rafique 25 ימים לפני
penaldo is coming home! Penandez left the city :D
Skylytical YT
Skylytical YT 25 ימים לפני
24 hours later and City have backed out and now United are the favourites
Akash P K
Akash P K 25 ימים לפני
Maybe Angelina swiped wrong direction due to no glasses
Rishab Neupane
Rishab Neupane 25 ימים לפני
Wtf is this lady doing
KarmaS 25 ימים לפני
sorry but this is mega gringe
william wiffen lal
william wiffen lal 25 ימים לפני
imagine psg attack with ronaldo as well
Jay Andrew
Jay Andrew 26 ימים לפני
Angelina a 10 without the glasses damnnnn
D J 26 ימים לפני
Angelina isnt even all that you men are thirsty af
Sadeeq Abdulwahab
Sadeeq Abdulwahab 26 ימים לפני
You made the wrong choice on the last one
Rahinas Navaz
Rahinas Navaz 26 ימים לפני
Imagine using Ronaldos face edited into a real madrid jersey
D J 26 ימים לפני
Why would Ronaldo ever play for city he will get so much hate and most of United fans regard him as the best player in the world. SAF wont be happy.
Sanjay Mistry
Sanjay Mistry 26 ימים לפני
Onefootball is a Chelsea channel. 😂
Jaidyn Mwerenga
Jaidyn Mwerenga 26 ימים לפני
Real madrid is a no no
SonRob 26 ימים לפני
I thought she was a Man U fan
D J 26 ימים לפני
A plastic
Legend Rayquaza
Legend Rayquaza 26 ימים לפני
Back to city is shite bc why would he play for a rival!
Lost Witcher
Lost Witcher 26 ימים לפני
He should join man city. My thought PL is best League and he start from there and end there
Glefser 26 ימים לפני
Okay, so my question is: If Ronaldo goes to Man City, will his status as a legend go down the drain at Man United, or does Ronaldo have such a high legendary status that United fans don't care if he moves to City?
Marco Coltiletti
Marco Coltiletti 26 ימים לפני
Cringe . Wheres Matt
Sanjay 26 ימים לפני
141 Bhoso Bahar Boro Para Rampur
141 Bhoso Bahar Boro Para Rampur 26 ימים לפני
and I thought she was a united fan
Pedro Plays
Pedro Plays 26 ימים לפני
Ronaldo to City - need a striker Ronaldo to Psg - play with Messi and Neymar Ronaldo to Real - best club of his career
Rattle Snake Music
Rattle Snake Music 25 ימים לפני
@Nerman Hrustanovic well he’s not exactly going to go to sporting anytime soon is he
Nerman Hrustanovic
Nerman Hrustanovic 25 ימים לפני
@Rattle Snake Music so it didnt really serve as the start of his career then did it?
Rattle Snake Music
Rattle Snake Music 26 ימים לפני
@Pedro Plays he became known there
Pedro Plays
Pedro Plays 26 ימים לפני
@Rattle Snake Music sporting
Rattle Snake Music
Rattle Snake Music 26 ימים לפני
Ronaldo to United, served the start of his career there
DG Aayush
DG Aayush 26 ימים לפני
Nabin Sunar
Nabin Sunar 26 ימים לפני
Man city come goat 🐐
Sam V George
Sam V George 26 ימים לפני
Will Go to real or man utd
Elias Vanden Broucke
Elias Vanden Broucke 26 ימים לפני
So you want to see him at oil money FC but not at Real Madrid
Adebayo Oluwatosin
Adebayo Oluwatosin 26 ימים לפני
Angelina without glasses is really something! 😍
Adebayo Oluwatosin
Adebayo Oluwatosin 25 ימים לפני
@Daniel Chulati this is an amazing response to saying someone looks beautiful without her glasses man, amazing response lol
Daniel Chulati
Daniel Chulati 25 ימים לפני
Daniel Chulati
Daniel Chulati 25 ימים לפני
ℕT. 7
ℕT. 7 26 ימים לפני
Wth Id rather like Ronaldo to play for Utd rather than City
unstoppableExodia 25 ימים לפני
Well this comment aged like a fine wine
Ladee Skeee
Ladee Skeee 25 ימים לפני
Peace FC
Peace FC 26 ימים לפני
yeah it would be a shock move, wouldnt believe it
George 26 ימים לפני
Yeah nobody wants to see a club icon playing for the neighbours
Ryan 26 ימים לפני
Wow Angelina without glasess hits different
PlayNow 26 ימים לפני
Angelina looking good without glasses
Aditya Gadhvi
Aditya Gadhvi 26 ימים לפני
How tough was that for u as a utd fan😅😅
treeman leafman
treeman leafman 26 ימים לפני
wow this channel has fallen off
Larry Odong
Larry Odong 26 ימים לפני
D J 26 ימים לפני
She is a bit of a plastic tbf
Chintan Makhijani
Chintan Makhijani 26 ימים לפני
Let's get into it
OMLATICSEPTIC 543 26 ימים לפני
Ewan Evans
Ewan Evans 26 ימים לפני
You really wanna see psg completely finish football?
George 26 ימים לפני
Hopefully city wont be able to top group A
ℕT. 7
ℕT. 7 26 ימים לפני
I'd like to watch the 2 goats in the same team
rjr 26 ימים לפני
2 seasons with Ronaldo and messi playing together. Yes please..... that's the dream
Suwilanji Bwalya
Suwilanji Bwalya 26 ימים לפני
R K 26 ימים לפני
Can’t believe he might go Man City that’s just weird. Lost all respect as a united fan now
D J 26 ימים לפני
He's never going to sign for city dont lose respect it's not his fault that there are rumours he already said he was fed up with this.
Princewill Madugba
Princewill Madugba 26 ימים לפני
@MUHAMMAD ARIQ ASHRAF BIN MOHD REZAL Moe so?? We don't care if its 20 years, we don't like our best players to play for City
BlackSword 26 ימים לפני
Man Portugal city 🤣
The Warlock
The Warlock 26 ימים לפני
@R K Sol campbell and spuds wants to know your location.
R K 26 ימים לפני
@Unknown who said I hate him?
Song Youshi
Song Youshi 26 ימים לפני
Mixster06 26 ימים לפני
Chris 26 ימים לפני
Ronaldo to City confirmed
Nesar Nadri
Nesar Nadri 22 ימים לפני
Ronaldo just went to man utd
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 24 ימים לפני
@Chris 😂😂
Chris 24 ימים לפני
My source Grizz Kahn lied to me, I apologise. He’s a fraud.
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 26 ימים לפני
@Chris go check the latest news , man city are unwilling to pay the salary and the release clause
Chris 26 ימים לפני
This ain’t fake news credible journalists have said this.
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