RANKING my top 7 EPL Player of the Season candidates!

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With the final stages of the Premier League getting ever closer, the race for the EPL title and Champions League places is getting more and more exciting! But which players have stood out this season as a cut above the rest? Which players have pushed their clubs to the limits and beyond?
In this video we rank our top 7 EPL Player of the Season candidates, including the likes of Bruno Fernandes, Phil Foden and Jack Grealish - but who comes out as our top player of the season?
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
At the moment, who would your EPL player of the season be?
Cyrus Kane
Cyrus Kane 26 ימים לפני
@Rowan Kace wow! It took roughly 10 minutes but it worked!!
Rowan Kace
Rowan Kace 26 ימים לפני
I dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Just google for it xD
Fan Wing Samuel (Samuel) Tsang
Fan Wing Samuel (Samuel) Tsang 28 ימים לפני
Nasreen Suleiman
Nasreen Suleiman חודש לפני
For me fernandes is on top. Whenever gundogan plays or not city always win but it's kinda different at united. When fernandes doesn't play there is only 20%of them winning. Gundogan will be no 2
Destiny Irabor
Destiny Irabor חודש לפני
Kane, dias or bruno
Somnath Nayak
Somnath Nayak 15 ימים לפני
If ilkay gundogan get epl player of the season award then EPL is the worst league in world football because bruno 100% deserve this award no one is near him . Even if you look at his stats tell me one midfielder in Europe who has more goals, assist and chances created then him this season.
Oscar briggs
Oscar briggs 25 ימים לפני
U put Salah but not mason mount?
Faiz Hamdo
Faiz Hamdo חודש לפני
Salah top 2
Pacci חודש לפני
Ashwani Chaurasia
Ashwani Chaurasia חודש לפני
John stones
Adam S. Timung
Adam S. Timung חודש לפני
Ruben Dias should be no. 1 (Coming from a United fan) 2. Bruno Fernandes 3. Harry Kane 4. Ilkay Gundogan 5. Mohammed Salah 6. Heung-min Son 7. Jack Grealish
Akansha Arora
Akansha Arora חודש לפני
Bbrruunnoo come on
Mehrki Doom
Mehrki Doom חודש לפני
These rankings are rubbish for starters ruben dias needs to be atleast second with bruno being first
DTS Deevesh
DTS Deevesh חודש לפני
That's bias and the agenda against bruno continues Bruno no.1 Salah or grealish no.2 Gundo no.3
gundoga feat the tilel
Chi Larsen
Chi Larsen חודש לפני
Iyer Iyer
Iyer Iyer חודש לפני
Why is everyone sleeping on Saka? I would say it's either Dias, Gundogan, Stones, Emi Martinez or Bukayo Saka or Keiran Tierney.
— Ibrahim —
— Ibrahim — חודש לפני
coming from a united fan dias has been better than bruno bc bruno does not show up in important occasions like against the big 6
Rabha חודש לפני
I don't understand how Bruno Fernandes is not at number 1
Done it mate
Done it mate חודש לפני
Bruno does not deserve it
Done it mate
Done it mate חודש לפני
foden 100%
Viraaj Mehta
Viraaj Mehta חודש לפני
Sorry, how can Grealish or Soucek be above Kane or Dias or Salah?!!???
Giovanni Giano
Giovanni Giano חודש לפני
Bruno is by far the number 1. THIS SEASON
Jake Gill
Jake Gill חודש לפני
Bruno at 2nd What? He got us top of the league and scored 23 goals this season as a midfielder Bumlick Man City fan Gundagon is a 1 season wonder
RAVI AHIRWAR חודש לפני
Seriously dias for 6th place?? Mark my word , dias will be player of the year 💯
Naghma Khan
Naghma Khan חודש לפני
Gündogan is playing well but Fernandes more deserving
Bobby Coan
Bobby Coan חודש לפני
Luke Shaw could have got it
Fajrul Naufal
Fajrul Naufal חודש לפני
declan rice sus
Gevang Tamut
Gevang Tamut חודש לפני
1. Dias 2. Gundo 3. Bruno
FusionFN חודש לפני
I think Saka should place in this list
Ching Chong
Ching Chong חודש לפני
If grealish leaves I’ll burn my arse hairs cause he won’t
Ethan Crane
Ethan Crane חודש לפני
No way ... Bruno has 25goal involvements in 26 games that's insane ...
Charlie Nolan
Charlie Nolan חודש לפני
Fernandes is such a good player on his day but if he has an off day he will do nothing other than stand around complaining and have very little touches
Rabha חודש לפני
even on his off day he can literally provide a goal or an assist most of the times thats how good he is
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson חודש לפני
Bruno Fernandes overrated Fight me
George .m
George .m חודש לפני
One football bias shined through again
Arav Luthra
Arav Luthra חודש לפני
We man utd fans overhype Bruno a lot, and he can be bang average at times, but we love him because he is a leader and has had a great impact on our club. He helps his teammates and has a good relationship with us fans. He has an amazing mentality and an inspiration to us fans. De bruyne is class, but Bruno has all of the qualities, his mentality is Ronaldo esque
Fedeller Asadan Harmon
Fedeller Asadan Harmon חודש לפני
Bukayo Saka for Arsenal been very important for us.
Krist Xhumbi
Krist Xhumbi חודש לפני
Bruno had scored more goals than The German guy
LeonardLK7 חודש לפני
Gundogan shouldn’t win the award, he started performing in January, people need to chill
Asamkele Giyo
Asamkele Giyo חודש לפני
Phil Foden? No ways. 😂
ty from aftv
ty from aftv חודש לפני
Where is bukayo saka
Ronit Vengurlekar
Ronit Vengurlekar חודש לפני
Guandogan 1 🤣 He has been great but no where near poty
Kaushik Puranik
Kaushik Puranik חודש לפני
Dias deserves to be in top 3
Footy_ Nick
Footy_ Nick חודש לפני
Sterling has also been very good
Ganpat Dhuri
Ganpat Dhuri חודש לפני
Harvey Barnes
Gó Martins
Gó Martins חודש לפני
Phill foden shouldn't even be in the top 15 that's pure English biased player like pedro neto are younger as more goal contributions playing in a weaker team and yet nobody brings him to this conversation
Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma חודש לפני
i think bruno is only getting a lot of praise as he scores from so many penalties, he doesnt play well in most of the games until that moment he scores a pen
A.N חודש לפני
ayo whats going on in 6:16 declan man he might win player of the year yk for that cheeky one
Jacob McGeachin
Jacob McGeachin חודש לפני
Salah literally carries Liverpool these days!
Akhil C Anil
Akhil C Anil חודש לפני
I see our Kompany in Ruben's passion. Such a great young player with captiancy skill
Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince חודש לפני
where is Mason Mount
Rami Dawsod
Rami Dawsod חודש לפני
Pedro Neto??
Kevin חודש לפני
Lingard should have been here!
Damiete Briggs
Damiete Briggs חודש לפני
Luke shaw?
Kiran Akella
Kiran Akella חודש לפני
Portugal has produced some brilliant players!
Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore חודש לפני
Man utd's form against the top 6 has been interesting...
Fan Wing Samuel (Samuel) Tsang
Fan Wing Samuel (Samuel) Tsang חודש לפני
Bruno Fernandes, he is a very talented player and can even win the golden boot.
Hassan Rozeika
Hassan Rozeika חודש לפני
It’s Bruno no doubt Gundugann shouldn’t even be in the top three
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Clearly a United fan here haha why shouldn't Gundogan be there?
Matty Boi
Matty Boi חודש לפני
Stones not even honourable mention
udean bambang
udean bambang חודש לפני
1. foden 2. ruben diaz 3. bernardo silva 4. de bruyne 5. ederson 6. cancelo 7. sterling
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba חודש לפני
I think Saka should be 2nd He saved them literally
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba חודש לפני
Fernandes never shows in big matches
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Are you just basing that off the Chelsea game?
Jovidz חודש לפני
6:17 wtf 😂😂
Vaibhav Raghavan
Vaibhav Raghavan חודש לפני
Dias should be higher, but, HONESTLY, Bruno has carried United for the whole season, Gundogan started doing this in Jan, and City without Gundogan will be far better off than United without Bruno, United wouldn't even be in the European spots without Bruno.
Chilly B
Chilly B חודש לפני
So true, the Chelsea vs United game. Bruno was the only one doing something.
Navin dgl
Navin dgl חודש לפני
Who missed out nearly.... every other English CAM
VTLegitSheep חודש לפני
Rashford should have at least been an honorable mention, he’s had a great season so far IMO
[PG8K] GW_WBA חודש לפני
But he can’t finish simple chances 🤣
Nithin Premarajan
Nithin Premarajan חודש לפני
As a United fan, I'd love to see Bruno win it, but there's absolutely no doubt that Gundogan deserves it more than anyone else this season.
cool srk
cool srk חודש לפני
Are you out of your mind. Bruno has more goal contributions and has had a far greater impact on the team. It's an individual award while the team performance matters. No one can ignore his 4 POTM awards
Ryu חודש לפני
What about son though?
Gja62 חודש לפני
Harvey barnes ?
Crispee חודש לפני
jack no he dives more than bruno
StarTom חודש לפני
As a United fan I still think Dias should be higher lol
pro sneakerdoodle
pro sneakerdoodle חודש לפני
Gundogan for player of the season, dias for young player of the season
Shahriar Islam
Shahriar Islam חודש לפני
You forgot Son
Shahriar Islam
Shahriar Islam חודש לפני
How about Ederson?
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Nope, watch the whole video ;)
Kweffed TV
Kweffed TV חודש לפני
how is kane higher than dias lol
soumik mukherjee
soumik mukherjee חודש לפני
Thomas Mcdermott
Thomas Mcdermott חודש לפני
txfe __
txfe __ חודש לפני
Cancello not on this list is a disgrace
ashley Kyrie
ashley Kyrie חודש לפני
Bruno is coming for that top scorer
Narutorobloxgod חודש לפני
lol 6:18 hahah
The Blue Army
The Blue Army חודש לפני
Mason Mount should be there too, hes been absolutely amazing
EML 26 ימים לפני
@Shadow Gamer U DONT KNOW BALL.
Gamingwithglasses חודש לפני
An honorable mention
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer חודש לפני
Uhhh no
The amazing Luxray gamer
The amazing Luxray gamer חודש לפני
How the hell is ilkay gundoan number 1 maybe 4 or 5 but not 1
Matthew the Leeds united Fan
Matthew the Leeds united Fan חודש לפני
You didn’t put raphinia in
Harmony Cheese
Harmony Cheese חודש לפני
Honestly, I think Dias and Bruno should be higher than gundogan
Pablo Baju
Pablo Baju חודש לפני
Raphina should be here
Luka Magic
Luka Magic חודש לפני
I think Bruno will win it over Gündogan because he is more popular
LegitCheese חודש לפני
ngl i think son has been the best player this season and in my top 5 in the world
Jegzz חודש לפני
How did Joao Cancelo miss out on this list
Dhruv Jhawar
Dhruv Jhawar חודש לפני
Bruno fails against top clubs
M NK חודש לפני
What about Luke Shaw Matt?
Rocco Chetcuti
Rocco Chetcuti חודש לפני
You forgot bukayo saka
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Nope, watch the whole video ;)
hjalte חודש לפני
Bukayo saka should be apart of the discussion
TheFloatBros חודש לפני
Dias for young POTY and POTY
Ishan Sharma
Ishan Sharma חודש לפני
6:16 lol, best part of the vid by a long shot
LightningLeaker חודש לפני
6:17 Who ever edited this deserves a goldmedal!!!🎖️Lmfao😂😂😂
Genius XD
Genius XD חודש לפני
Below average Joe
Below average Joe חודש לפני
Damien Burke
Damien Burke חודש לפני
With his current form that's probably the only way to stop Gundagon
hell0 th3re
hell0 th3re חודש לפני
Love it. Absolutely love it. Finnaly a footy channel with a brain. Especially in contrast with football daily. Gundo deserves it (also bruno but gunfo more🤫)
dionyshs tsr
dionyshs tsr חודש לפני
6:17 Lol😂😂
ronald ovidio menacho flores
ronald ovidio menacho flores חודש לפני
Like for a Luke Shaw shoutout
Sorcha Houlden
Sorcha Houlden חודש לפני
“Kane won’t win it because spurs can’t get top 4 and won’t win a trophy, next up we have Grealish”
Sorcha Houlden
Sorcha Houlden חודש לפני
@OneFootball English but spurs are shit now lol
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
It's in relation to the expectation though. Whereas not reaching top 4 is a bad season for Spurs, reaching Top 6 would be a great achievement for Aston Villa and West Ham..
How to do things
How to do things חודש לפני
And naturally we have soucek right after
LightningLeaker חודש לפני
1:02 This reminds me of that African News-Reporter!! 😂😂 Anyone else think so?😂👍
Litha Shenxane
Litha Shenxane חודש לפני
Why don't I see lingardinho
fred ronaldo100
fred ronaldo100 חודש לפני
I think matt has underated of being in the team that wins the league it dias is so low will be ethier fernandes, dias or kane at this point in the season anyway but we'll see maybe gundo will score another 10-15 goals and win it
Farhan A.
Farhan A. חודש לפני
Kevin De Bruyne can win it again if he does what he is the best at
Samarth Samriddhi soni
Samarth Samriddhi soni חודש לפני
You are right. At the moment he is looking rusty, considering his injury, of course
M I חודש לפני
U should nominate ur self. I like ur performance g. Delivery is on point. 😂😂
The BEST loan signings this season!
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