Messi's INSANE contract LEAKED + Mbappe wants Ndombele at PSG!

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On today’s OneFootball Daily News...there is a Messi situation at Barcelona, Kylian Mbappe plays agent for PSG whilst Neymar seems content at the club, Liverpool find centre-back cover in Ben Davies, a transfer and news roundup plus Emoji Monday!
0:00 Introduction
0:19 Messi at Barcelona
1:50 Mbappe plays agent
3:04 Liverpool’s new signing
4:35 Transfer/news roundup
5:23 Friday Feels
5:50 Emoji Monday
Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
EMOJI MONDAYS: 🔥Best Player: Mo Salah ➕3️⃣Best Result: Real Madrid 1-2 Levante 💩Worst Players: Tottenham Let us know yours below!
Oscar Rood
Oscar Rood 29 ימים לפני
Uno king never went to saints
CFTV 29 ימים לפני
@Gingerpie72 we meet again
CFTV 29 ימים לפני
@Gingerpie72 I watch ur vids
CFTV 29 ימים לפני
🔥 mo salah ➕Lorient 3-2 PSG 💩Hugo loris
Alan Lopez
Alan Lopez חודש לפני
@GAMER N Wow hilarious😐
shane roopnarain
shane roopnarain 26 ימים לפני
Don't u think he deserve that money u dummy! 🙄 Messi has done so so so much for barça. Plus he brings in so much income for barça
TCM City
TCM City 28 ימים לפני
Man city can pay Messi too
Skoolz 157
Skoolz 157 29 ימים לפני
So true so true what u said about Tottenham. His tactics are out dated every one watch and study all his works for years and evolved. U seen it at the end of his Chelsea career and Manchester united. Deja vu.
atharva vaidya
atharva vaidya 29 ימים לפני
Messi earned more Millions of euros in last 5 than his career goals😂
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren 29 ימים לפני
if I'm Ndombele I'm RUNING looool
Football Album
Football Album 29 ימים לפני
Chelsea strikers don't score defenders do (except Oliver)
Ahmad Elmandhry
Ahmad Elmandhry 29 ימים לפני
Barca Are Back!!!!!!
Kailash Vikneswaran
Kailash Vikneswaran 29 ימים לפני
The werner one got me
Aryan Patil
Aryan Patil 29 ימים לפני
Takumi munamino to southhamptom
SHAHID WILLIE 29 ימים לפני
Spurs were awlful
Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu 29 ימים לפני
Oh, a bady hurt Tottenham fan! You immediately feel that because of this rant at the end. :(
Sameh חודש לפני
Finally liverpool buy a Centre back!
Sameh חודש לפני
Honestly the best sport channel on ILfor. Non biased, Reliable information, Covers everything, and entertaining all in the same time. Quality channel.
Momodou Kujabi
Momodou Kujabi חודש לפני
Gregg B
Gregg B חודש לפני
Sort of disgusting how much money he is getting really. They are stupid enough to pay this much to one player though. Part of the reason they have no money now paying out so much for players.
Tommy Hanna
Tommy Hanna חודש לפני
Rant about Tottenham!
Krishanan Merdono
Krishanan Merdono חודש לפני
Plot twist: Elon Musk buys Barcelona and spends the entire global GDP on Messi's Contract
D22 23
D22 23 חודש לפני
Also Man city (Abu dabi fc) could sign messi
DN Sahoo
DN Sahoo חודש לפני
The person speaking looks like robertson
pat חודש לפני
Alan Ochanda
Alan Ochanda חודש לפני
Love the clean shaven look
slade gaming
slade gaming חודש לפני
Transfer news; Good news west brom fans you've reinforced your midfield with the loan signing of Ainsley Maitland-Niles from Arsenal until the end of the season Transfer review; I think this is an amazing signing he's a quality young playmaker and now west brom have a good chance of surviving with the reinforcements this January
slade gaming
slade gaming חודש לפני
I think Ben Davies will be the next Andy Robertson or Jordan Henderson signed from small clubs and turned into a world class player
Branko :D
Branko :D חודש לפני
Can we talk about how shit and dumb spurs are They didn't want to let dele go until they found his REPLACEMENT and why would they need to replace him when he often isn't even in the freaking squad for epl matches Loan to psg would suit literally anybody Dele for going to a better club where he can re launch his career with the stars like neymar and mbappe Spurs for literally the same reason i mean he doesn't play at spurs so a quick loan wouldn't hurt them as they do fine without him And psg is getting a talented creative midfielder which they are always looking for
Branko :D
Branko :D חודש לפני
Why tf is it soo important that messi's contract leaked
Hristijan Durlanov
Hristijan Durlanov חודש לפני
bro if u are getting 555m for the last 4 years,not to mention his contracts before his last and endorsments he is probably a billionaire already,so what will another 100m change for him to stay at barca if he isnt enjoying it,he will move
ÅZàzÊL WaY חודש לפני
messi help barca earn 300m€/y so not bad.
Yaseen Qureshi
Yaseen Qureshi חודש לפני
Mr Play Maker
Mr Play Maker חודש לפני
U forget that EL SHARAAWY has join AS ROMA
Dan Dan
Dan Dan חודש לפני
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Ahmed Adaji
Ahmed Adaji חודש לפני
Today's my bday 🎂🥳
Leo Gomez
Leo Gomez חודש לפני
we need mat to make his own personal channel where he talks only about spurs. Something like the United Stand
Shravan חודש לפני
That sigh from Matt at the end speaks volumes
Arun Khatiwada
Arun Khatiwada חודש לפני
What if ndombele wants mbappe at tottenham? 😂
Radgh Mason
Radgh Mason חודש לפני
Mat you forgot a transfer. West Brom signed Mbaye Diagne on loan for the rest of the season from Galatasaray
Aditya Venkatesan
Aditya Venkatesan חודש לפני
Ranting matt : Angry Rantman : Finally a worthy opponent.
Alex Quintana
Alex Quintana חודש לפני
Ronaldo: Los numeros no meiten Ronaldo:The numbers don't lie
Hack Gamer
Hack Gamer חודש לפני
fun fact couthinho and grizman combined make as much as leo
no ah
no ah חודש לפני
For a moment I thought Ndombele was talking t Mbappe a out going to Tottenham
no ah
no ah חודש לפני
Forget leaving Messi could become the owner of Barcelona
Shiraz Hassan
Shiraz Hassan חודש לפני
Messi does bring over 300 mil in revenue. Plus he was previously offered 3 times the money he earns from man city before, but he didn't leave.
Thomas Guerrero
Thomas Guerrero חודש לפני
In terms of passing 1. Messi 2. KDB 3. Ozil 4.kroos
Thomas Guerrero
Thomas Guerrero 29 ימים לפני
@The Brazilian Tank RMA and he’s a young player
Thomas Guerrero
Thomas Guerrero 29 ימים לפני
@The Brazilian Tank RMA omg I forgot about Kimmich
The Brazilian Tank RMA
The Brazilian Tank RMA 29 ימים לפני
For me it’s 1. KDB 2. Kimmich 3. Kroos 4. Messi 5. Ozil
Jake SCOTT חודש לפני
Wow imagine going from Preston to Liverpool in one jump, he should get game time, for the rest of the season atleast, you won’t win anything playing two midfielders at centre back
Jake SCOTT חודש לפני
Ndombele is too good to waste his prime years in the farmers league
Jake SCOTT חודש לפני
In my opinion messi isn’t worth his salary, he wants 1,000,000 a week I’ve seen 😂 what a greedy guy, 1,000,000 a week should be able to pay for 5 world class players per week
Almost EmptyGlass
Almost EmptyGlass חודש לפני
Makes you wonder what happened with sepp van de berg
Reece Smith
Reece Smith חודש לפני
I SAID 0-0 when Arsenal played Manchester United
Hotspur 23
Hotspur 23 חודש לפני
Matt just make a Video about Spurs and some Transfers they need to fix their Problems please
spongy knight
spongy knight חודש לפני
Kabak is so close to joining Liverpool
BINIL JOY חודש לפני
Who is here after Spurs are back to midtable after 2 consecutive losses.
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie חודש לפני
This make my morning
NOREEN Mc Carthy
NOREEN Mc Carthy חודש לפני
Tottenham BIOS
ABRAHAM C0NTEH חודש לפני
Who’s here after Ozan Kabak
Mahfooz Ali
Mahfooz Ali חודש לפני
Finally Liverpool sign a cb
Lav Jyoti
Lav Jyoti חודש לפני
I'm just sick of these MESSI SITUATIONS at Barcelona
FanOfl4ndo Norri s
FanOfl4ndo Norri s חודש לפני
Transfers : Quincy Promes : Ajax --> Spartak Moscow (almost sure) Oussama Idrissi Sevilla ----> Ajax (confirmed
Red Living Room
Red Living Room חודש לפני
Emoji Mondays: 🔥Best Player: Lewandowski ➕3️⃣ Best Result: Sheffield United 2-1 United 💩Worst Players: PSG
Yungboii.Josh12 חודש לפני
I have the one football app and still watch ur videos ❤️
Eduardo Atiencie
Eduardo Atiencie חודש לפני
Amazing Video! No offense Messi doesn’t deserve to be paid a lot when he sucks. He never shows up in the big games. He’s just a spoiled brat in Barcelona and even the stolen trophies he didn’t deserve.
Benjamin Keller
Benjamin Keller חודש לפני
Most useless saying of all time: "last bit not least" Not once in my life did I hear someone say this where it was not already implied.
Zbihniew Dankowski
Zbihniew Dankowski חודש לפני
Lingard went to west ham
notJAY חודש לפני
no kanney no party
Beyond Added Time
Beyond Added Time חודש לפני
DatedWizard חודש לפני
You know it’s a mad deadline day when this video is already outdated. Liverpool have agreed terms with Kabak with negotiations ongoing with Schalke. That’s as well as getting Ben Davies & they have another option if Kabak doesn’t work out.
Sonnic gamer
Sonnic gamer חודש לפני
The fact that Matt is able to like legit roast his own club is unreal.
Hubert Carwyn
Hubert Carwyn 26 ימים לפני
Amritansh Singhal
Amritansh Singhal חודש לפני
If Messi lands at PSG, we would have an MNM😂
K K חודש לפני
No way ,if messi joins mbappe would leave and. Ffp
Luke Watchorn
Luke Watchorn חודש לפני
And Barcelona wonder why they're in debt.....
Tom v
Tom v חודש לפני
It is not because of him. Coutinho,Dembele & Greizman costed more than 400 million. In last 4 years Barca spended 800 million in transfer. Also they have huge wages. They also don't generate that much money. Messi generated 1.2 billion in 4 years. If u earn that kind of money,your wages will be big. Man city offered messi 3 times more wages than Barca. He should have leave Barca
Rahul Kandha V
Rahul Kandha V חודש לפני
Do you think Sergio Ramos will join United in summer transfer??
Unclassified חודש לפני
What are your thoughts about Wolverhampton wanderers
Scarred Hunter Utd
Scarred Hunter Utd חודש לפני
Damn we need an exclusive Spurs video with Matt😂
VR - RMA חודש לפני
ataladin 87
ataladin 87 חודש לפני
If Sevilla win this week. Madrid will be 4th.
ataladin 87
ataladin 87 חודש לפני
@K K it's over, like vardrid is as a club.
K K חודש לפני
So what la liga is done atleti are winning
Nitish Jhugroo
Nitish Jhugroo חודש לפני
Stop blaming Mourinho for the failures at spurs u have top players everywhere its up to them to defend properly and score at least one goal against a decent Brighton side
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
For sure its on the players too, but they dont pick themselves... Mourinho decides the team and strategy
Google Sir Nils Olav III
Google Sir Nils Olav III חודש לפני
Should be given time look what happend to klopp
Abhinav Singh
Abhinav Singh חודש לפני
Spurs losing again lol
Shine banana
Shine banana חודש לפני
I think your mistaken there matty, messi earns the club around 300 mil and he is getting payed 100 mil so he is not the reason they are in so much dept
Tanuj Bhatia
Tanuj Bhatia 29 ימים לפני
@Séñør Tåçø he was linked with many clubs tbf, Everton got him tho...
Séñør Tåçø
Séñør Tåçø 29 ימים לפני
he also for some reason said that joshua king was joining southampton🤦
Tanuj Bhatia
Tanuj Bhatia חודש לפני
Mathy חודש לפני
@AshTron yes
AshTron חודש לפני
@Mathy yeah barca are in dept cause of their stupid transfers and due to that they cant pay messi now xddd
HR19 חודש לפני
there will be a plan for Davis to play for the rest of the year and they'll likely have a move already for him to move to somewhere like Aston villa
R. Misra
R. Misra חודש לפני
In my opinion , PSG shouldn't buy anymore attackers but improve their defence. Same applies for Chelsea too. Matt , you agree ??? 🤔 Suggestion : please fix the time for posting the video (daily news) !! 😅
Ben Onofrio
Ben Onofrio חודש לפני
Mbappé wants ndombele not psg So why not go to spurs
ataladin 87
ataladin 87 חודש לפני
Bilbao now play Valencia. This is gonna be good.
You CatCut - Berita Juventus
You CatCut - Berita Juventus חודש לפני
Mana nih berita Juventus ?
N30 _
N30 _ חודש לפני
Barcas dirty laundry is all over social media these days!
Parthesh Punjabi
Parthesh Punjabi חודש לפני
Messi is a gold digger.
Abir חודש לפני
If Madrid goes down by 2 goals , it's better to turn off the TV as they neither possess the fire power nor the intent to win those games ... what a time to live in , spurs attack is more fierce than madrid lol
TaethatboyaRebel חודש לפני
messi might actually be the end of Barca as a giant football club.. let’s see how it goes
ataladin 87
ataladin 87 חודש לפני
Either you know nothing about football, or you're actually dumb.
Diarmuid Forrest
Diarmuid Forrest חודש לפני
Goodbye shane long
JFlegends247 חודש לפני
18 years ago it would have been 1/2/3
Mohammad zain gamer
Mohammad zain gamer חודש לפני
Great Video and News Matt
durno חודש לפני
Mat for Tottenham manager
ELMI ABEAR חודש לפני
Grizzy is starting to shine at Barca
Galactic_UKNOWN חודש לפני
Anurag Srivastava
Anurag Srivastava חודש לפני
Purely biased towards RM. ...if Barcelona would have drop points in this fashion they would have roasted it in the starting and while in case of RM only at end slightly telling and getting off
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Haha you must be kidding? I literally don't even think about that, its just that RM losing isnt a whole story... Do you have any evidence of this?
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson חודש לפני
A Messi situation at Barca, ha ha
Kay B
Kay B חודש לפני
What happened to power rankings?
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson חודש לפני
Please do a Tottenham rant video
mohamed mustafa
mohamed mustafa חודש לפני
Chealsea and Tottenham 3-1 victory to Chelsea
Fred חודש לפני
Friday feels on a Sunday
st dr
st dr חודש לפני
THE intro never get boring😂😂😂
Travis Sithisakd
Travis Sithisakd חודש לפני
I hope I’m not too late for a heart ❤️
mohamed mustafa
mohamed mustafa חודש לפני
Arsenal and wolves is a 2-1 victory for arsenal
Hunter Hunter
Hunter Hunter חודש לפני
Why would we sign Ben Davies nahhhhhhhhhhh wtf man
Directhomie חודש לפני
I hope you do because his contract expires in summer so we want to sell him to cash in
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