Messi MAGIC for Barcelona on record night + Erling Haaland to swap with Timo Werner?!

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On Today's Daily News - Lionel Messi turns it on for Barcelona against Huesca, Chelsea plan extraordinary deal involving Erling Haaland and Timo Werner, Wolves bad luck continues in the loss to Liverpool, A shock resignation in the UEL ahead of Tottenham v Zagreb and a news round up!
00:00 Headlines
00:30 Messi MAGIC!
01:56 Chelsea's Haaland deal
03:43 Wolves v Liverpool
04:45 SHOCK resignation
05:46 Transfer Round-Up
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Should Chelsea sell Werner or stick with him?
Top 10 Jackpot
Top 10 Jackpot חודש לפני
Dylan Henry
Dylan Henry חודש לפני
Bob Kavanagh
Bob Kavanagh חודש לפני
keep the manz till next jan then sell him if he aint frofoming
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk חודש לפני
seeing that they bought too many players last transfer window I'd leave it so he will improve
Freeed חודש לפני
Get him at Dortmund
Abdulla Khan
Abdulla Khan חודש לפני
5:32 it didn't age well Dinamo Zagreb vs Spurs 3:2 What a hat trick by Oršiç
Olajuwon Atiku
Olajuwon Atiku חודש לפני
Whose here after Zagreb won 3-0
Shopnol chakraborty
Shopnol chakraborty חודש לפני
Rency Mathews
Rency Mathews חודש לפני
Seriously I feel like Dortmund doesn’t watch football
Sajjadu Zzaman
Sajjadu Zzaman חודש לפני
can you please give us update if haaland is coming to barca 😁🙏
Sajjadu Zzaman
Sajjadu Zzaman חודש לפני
sell him
ÊliTRÃ4 x
ÊliTRÃ4 x חודש לפני
The intro is always 💯
noel JOHN
noel JOHN חודש לפני
people say haaland will fail if he goes to Chelsea. BRO HAVE YOU SEEN HIM. MANS A MACHINE
Romeo Ross
Romeo Ross חודש לפני
_Official_ Royalty
_Official_ Royalty חודש לפני
Matt Frohlich...what a great football name🔥
altaf ahmad
altaf ahmad חודש לפני
honestly as a dortmund fan i would be fine with that swap werner would fit perfect in our team and has the potential to be one of the best in the future
1:25 what's that on dembele's leg🤮🤮
zak abdi
zak abdi חודש לפני
I swear if chelsea sell players as fast as we sack managers the club is finisged , haaland is my favourite player and i still prefer werner.
Niall Murtagh
Niall Murtagh חודש לפני
Wtf don’t swap werner
Nicocun Productions
Nicocun Productions חודש לפני
The intro is the best 😂
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc חודש לפני
Keep Werner and buy haaland
Ahmed Abdelhameed
Ahmed Abdelhameed חודש לפני
of all the ridiculous swap rumors I've seen for Haaland, this one I wouldn't necessarily mind
John Gestwicki
John Gestwicki חודש לפני
I want Werner to to stay at chels
BalkanMontero חודש לפני
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen חודש לפני
776?😂 Nah bro, its 767🤣😝
Jammu חודש לפני
First of all why on earth would dortmund swap Haaland for Werner, that is an obvious downgrade and he is tie to a long term deal. Second, why cant dortmund be the club to have Haaland sort their striker position out for the next 10 years. They got to him first and Its a massive club that he said he wants to win trophies with. Chelsea are really not much better if even better at all than dortmund.
Kyle Love
Kyle Love חודש לפני
Please real bring back CR7
Invictus חודש לפני
Dortmund should feel insulted about that offer tbh
Quenching spider
Quenching spider חודש לפני
I swear if anyone believes that ‘Werner is leaving’ news 😭
Ricardo Castillo V1
Ricardo Castillo V1 חודש לפני
Ha, in what world will Dortmund swap Haaland with Werner🤣 a no brainer
Alf חודש לפני
If haaland does bad at Chelsea, the Chelsea striker curse would be real with no doubt.
R G חודש לפני
matt i thought my headphone is defected so i tried to repair headphone at first 10 second ....xDddddddddddddd
DIAS GAMING חודש לפני
You know the case what would happen to the chelsea rejects
Arav Luthra
Arav Luthra חודש לפני
Donny, pls don’t go😢🥺🥺
Arav Luthra
Arav Luthra חודש לפני
Do Chelsea have enough money left after spending 200 million?
Keenan Henry
Keenan Henry חודש לפני
*767 appearances for Barcelona
Jono חודש לפני
Keep timo please
City BG
City BG חודש לפני
Watch Dinamo Zagreb beating Tottenham
Random Clips
Random Clips חודש לפני
I reckon a Werner swap plus like 70 - 80 million might happen
True Alpha
True Alpha חודש לפני
No way lol
The 443oons Mop
The 443oons Mop חודש לפני
50mill!!!!!!! They bought him(Timo)for just over 40. They would need at least another 100 for the cash+player deal.
Anis Rahal
Anis Rahal חודש לפני
Who would buy Werner
Chelsea wants Erling Haaland because who doesn’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣 true very true Matt .
Pritam Biswas
Pritam Biswas חודש לפני
My prediction:- Dortmund will finish in the top 4 in Bundesliga and Haaland will stay there for another season. In the summer of 2022 he will join either Man City or Real Madrid. And Chelsea should stick with Werner. I believe he will do much better in the 2021-22 season. Chelsea need to be more patient with their players. They were impatient with Salah and KDB and we all know what happened next.
Jason Clapton
Jason Clapton חודש לפני
I swear I've seen matt frolich in the horror stories before
Moneychester United
Moneychester United חודש לפני
Lionel messi scored two goals and Cristiano ronaldo scored hat-trick! What a better way to silence your haters who crticised after being knocked out of the champions league 👏👏👏
Frank חודש לפני
“barcelona have been impressed with dembele in recent weeks” really! have you seen him play?
The 443oons Mop
The 443oons Mop חודש לפני
French Timo Werner.
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico חודש לפני
There's no way Halaand goes to Chelsea, they have no project for the foreseeable future. Better chances to Barca or Madrid. Fingers crossed to Barca ;)
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico חודש לפני
@True Alpha really? Man it’s gonna be an exciting summer!
True Alpha
True Alpha חודש לפני
@Abraham Rico yeah plus laporta successfully got a loan of 150m
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico חודש לפני
@True Alpha ohh I was thinking you meant Chelsea I was like hmm not sure bout that one lol. But idk I think this summer will be a very big one, they’re cleaning house of big earners possibly Coutinho, Griezmann, Roberto, Lenglet, Umtiti so I think they could make it work financially
True Alpha
True Alpha חודש לפני
@Abraham Rico no Barca. Dont even think about chelsea. These guys fighting for 4-5th spot
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico חודש לפני
@True Alpha you mean to Chelsea?
Abed's Nude's
Abed's Nude's חודש לפני
As a chels fan. This swap deal will never happen.
Mo AlZaben
Mo AlZaben חודש לפני
That intro was unexpected
Okuhle Kubheka
Okuhle Kubheka חודש לפני
Haaland isn't moving to chelsea
Fahad Daniyal
Fahad Daniyal חודש לפני
Holy lol 🤣 What a Intro Matt !!!
Ak 4T7
Ak 4T7 חודש לפני
Looser spur fan #matt praising the arrest of Dynamo gaffer. Shameful. Hy producers is this what you are meant to telecast.
Anwar Abusager
Anwar Abusager חודש לפני
I would feiern if Werner comes back to BL
JohneeFizter Bottom
JohneeFizter Bottom חודש לפני
A lot of men on here are more into the guy talking then the information being given. Super suspect 🌈 🦄😂😂
Ray -ZA
Ray -ZA חודש לפני
I think its too early to bet everthing on haaland dont get me wrong haaland is phenomenal but i just think we must give timo a chance and haaland more time to grow and gain more consistency like a season from now .
Ethan Bayman
Ethan Bayman חודש לפני
Werner for Haaland😂😂 nope I don't see haaland at Chelsea with bigger clubs around like UTD and Barca as well as city and Madrid seriously and I don't think Dortmund is that dum to Accept Werner and Losts of money where they could sell him clean for more money and sign striker and a few other players with that money
Prasanna Poudel
Prasanna Poudel חודש לפני
LOOK Matt. I am a pure Gooner. Literally a Purest form of Gooner, and I hate Mourinhno the Most and IDK WHYY.. But My love for You SKY ROCKETS every time I watch your Videos and every time you do "And This is the daily news!!". Big Up Matt. Great fan :)
Alex Quintana
Alex Quintana חודש לפני
Did you here about Zlatan that he return to swenden national team?
FIN חודש לפני
Wolves and head injuries 👀
brudiv חודש לפני
Didint Haalands agen say that there are only a couple clubs in the world that could realisticly get Haaland and Chelsea isnt one of them?
Sankhadip Mazumder
Sankhadip Mazumder חודש לפני
player swap deal hardly ever happens and why would Dortmund wanna swap any striker for haaland ... they would rather have him use his goals to progress as further as they can in all comp. and when the time comes sell him for a handsome profit. It seems now a days rumours are getting more n more non sensical 🙄
Real Madrid
Real Madrid חודש לפני
Why would halaand move to london ? Like london clubs are getting smashed by bayern everytime lol
Cristian López
Cristian López חודש לפני
As a Borussia Dortmund fan, all I can say about the Werner/Haaland rumours is: hahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
True Alpha
True Alpha חודש לפני
Chelsea just dreaming lol. They fighting for even 4-5th spot
The 443oons Mop
The 443oons Mop חודש לפני
👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 English press smokes of weed.
GTD חודש לפני
I can´t imagine Dortmund wants Werner ... I don´t say he is/was overrated or anything but it is well known that he ... just dont quite has what it takes, if you know what I mean. He was a perfect fit for Leipzig, he reached the quarterfinal with them and then he decides to ditch the chance to win the CL. God, isnt that what everyone wants and dreams of ?! How could he let that chance go to waste just because he wants to make a good impression at his new club?!?!?!. The same club then is not happy with him and thinks about selling him after a few months of "decent but no goals"-performances ... Yea well done Timo, Dortmund is definetly thrilled to swap you for Haaland 😂😂
Ironstuk חודש לפני
Would love to see Werner at Leipzig again
rohullah khan
rohullah khan חודש לפני
Source for Haaland and Werner swap deal: Zidane's barber
MuNNa BhAiyA
MuNNa BhAiyA חודש לפני
No that's Lukaku barber
Martins Olufemi
Martins Olufemi חודש לפני
I like watching your program but I don't like the way u talk at the beginning your mouth is too fast slow down a little bit
YouBetterRun 05
YouBetterRun 05 חודש לפני
Maybe Laporta isn’t gonna be the president
Sporting Director
Sporting Director חודש לפני
Who would switch Haaland for Werner? If Dortmund go through with it they will have one potentially bad deal and one angry fanbase
Keegan Mayers
Keegan Mayers חודש לפני
Yea I mean bundesliga
Keegan Mayers
Keegan Mayers חודש לפני
True but soon they will need to replace haaland because haaland is definitely going to move soon.
Sporting Director
Sporting Director חודש לפני
@Keegan Mayers Doesn't mean he will necessarily play well when he returns but it's not a good deal because Haaland is already proven to be successful at's an unnecessary risk for BVB
Keegan Mayers
Keegan Mayers חודש לפני
Well werner was good in Germany
Eryk Melgaard
Eryk Melgaard חודש לפני
The intro WTF not very professional, but it worked on a level, because I didn't expect an opening line "Oh my F***** god! ". Not nice words!
we all know haaland wont go to chelsea looool and... based on werners performance at chealsea... i dont think hed fit at dortmund that well.... to me, dortmund have a faster pace which werner would have to adjust to.
ELMI ABEAR חודש לפני
Koeman is doing good with barca tbh,no need to replace him, looking back 3-4 months,they are doing quite well
Kushagra Daga
Kushagra Daga חודש לפני
He said 776, its 767 matt
Gregory Abraham
Gregory Abraham חודש לפני
May be Dortmund will think like Werner + kai havertz +30 million
becontrash topic
becontrash topic חודש לפני
Over powered starting ...
R Foster
R Foster חודש לפני
what a stupid joke. we'd never accept that dross werner. you need to be absolutely stupid to believe this could remotely happen. Slow news day for stupid English football media.
Gajo חודש לפני
And this intro😂😂😂😂😂
rakenbone חודש לפני
The Asian Sensational F.C
The Asian Sensational F.C חודש לפני
Chelsea wants everyone lol! Where the money comes from?
Niller Champen
Niller Champen חודש לפני
Barcas future actually looks pretty good. Haven’t lost in Laliga in 2021 and the youngsters are playing insane
Lere Zona
Lere Zona חודש לפני
Every smart Chelsea fan know it’s Havertz that should be swapped. Werner still showing potential
tewsgcdc Fgech k
tewsgcdc Fgech k חודש לפני
Damn, i'd take havertz over werner any day of the week! Have you watched them in the Bundesliga?
GhadiPlayz MC
GhadiPlayz MC חודש לפני
Is it me or this guy looks like pewdiepie
SAIRAM חודש לפני
Entry is lit😂🔥🔥
Αγγελος Κορακης
Αγγελος Κορακης חודש לפני
I dont think Haaland wants to go to Chelsea. Dont get me wrong I support them but i feel like he wants to move to a top-top club (Juve, Real, Barca, Psg etc). We'll see
Harsha Patnaik
Harsha Patnaik חודש לפני
Would you do a video on how barca changed things around from 15th position to 2nd position in laliga? @matt
Ved Khokale
Ved Khokale חודש לפני
Hey matt cheers..... Just wanted to tell u it was Messi's 767th appearance not 776th..... Good Job keep it up
Debdyuti Pandey
Debdyuti Pandey חודש לפני
767.....not 776
ZFR squad
ZFR squad חודש לפני
I have honestly run out of word to describe Messi so am going to resort to the one he created...inmessionante-“the perfect way to play football”💙❤️🇦🇷🐐
Sag 29
Sag 29 חודש לפני
Write something of your own don't copy paste lol
Malvo Loren
Malvo Loren חודש לפני
Werner wont leave After just one year. I guess he wants to prove himselfe
Kyle Mccabe
Kyle Mccabe חודש לפני
It's official liverpool have officially won a league match
Joe Wolf
Joe Wolf חודש לפני
Still not at home, they beat sheffield away like 2 weeks ago...
Dion חודש לפני
Koeman is doing very well xavi won’t be as good as Koeman
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar חודש לפני
True he has stable the team in my terms and they also in title race which is a positive sign
obrian francis
obrian francis חודש לפני
Had to check my playback speed cauae it seems like you were talking a bit speedy in this one. Good morning 🇯🇲
SmartWarp חודש לפני
Glad you covered Dinamo Zagreb. The drama's been happening for ages now and it's not ending anytime soon... Literally, everything's going against us right now. If we manage to go through in some way it's literally going to be magic.
SmartWarp חודש לפני
@Mark Travers • 70 years ago Thanks!
Mark Travers • 70 years ago
Mark Travers • 70 years ago חודש לפני
Yeah it was magic. Congrats man
JUUUS 27 חודש לפני
Werner was always overrated. Even when he scored over 20g in Germany. He is a limited player, who functioned perfectly in nagelsmanns system in RB Leipzig. So he only fits in a fast transitioning team
Ahmad Fares
Ahmad Fares חודש לפני
Haaland won't go to chelsea because he said before that he will go to one of the biggest clubs excluding chelsea and bayern wich are: liverpool man united and city psg juve barca real
Leviathan חודש לפני
But it doesn't make sense for haaland to join Chelsea.
Yusuf I
Yusuf I חודש לפני
We all wish Rui Patricio a quick and Speedy Recovery!
Omkar Juvatkar
Omkar Juvatkar חודש לפני
No microphones were hurt while filming....😳😂 Also it's 767 just left this here...
Marley kk
Marley kk חודש לפני
Bro be honest I don't see Chelsea sell Timo thy will keep him and have him up front with haaland
Mohammad zain gamer
Mohammad zain gamer חודש לפני
Great video and Celtic signed Roy keane like 3 days ago
Nathi Siba
Nathi Siba חודש לפני
Epic intros Matt!! 😂
Siegmund Gehrke
Siegmund Gehrke חודש לפני
Biggest fake news Haaland to Chelsea plus a swap hahahaha😂😂 plz Haaland to good for chelsea anyway only logical thing for him is go to the best teams in the world real Madrid or Barcelona. Plus Dortmund said his not for sale this summer Sancho is
True Alpha
True Alpha חודש לפני
True mate. Chelsea fans just dreaming
Dante Ojediran
Dante Ojediran חודש לפני
Just me who mimes along in the intro to daily news?👀
PerfectDark חודש לפני
It's funny how whenever someone says Messi or Ronaldo are declining those two prove them wrong immediately 👍
The 443oons Mop
The 443oons Mop חודש לפני
Really? If normal player scored a hat-trick against a mid table team, no one cares. Messi/Ronaldo-Oh look this is like Prime Maradona, Pele, whatever.
Federico Valleri
Federico Valleri חודש לפני
Braithwaite the goat 🐐
Beatrice Olanike
Beatrice Olanike חודש לפני
What a intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt
Ronaldo to Man United MORE likely than Real Madrid! + The New Messi!
Barcelona CAN sign Haaland + Spurs NIGHTMARE!
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