Man United BATTLE Liverpool for summer signing! + LUCKY Real Madrid!

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On Today's Daily News - Real Madrid lucky to escape with a 1-0 victory in their Champions League tie with Atalanta, Man United to challenge Liverpool for the signing of Leeds United's Raphinha, Barca may have found new defender in the form of Villarreal's Pau Torres, The week gets worse for Atletico after that insane Giroud goal and a news round up!
00:00 Intro
00:18 Matt apologises!
00:34 Real Madrid lucky?
03:07 Raphinha to Man United or Liverpool?
04:30 Torres to Barcelona
06:00 Bad week for Atletico
08:15 Transfer round-up
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Thanks for the feedback about the missing Giroud/Chelsea piece yesterday! It's in today's video :) But who did it better: A) Olivier Giroud B) Dele Alli
Zipit850 חודש לפני
Hadi Boi
Hadi Boi חודש לפני
Ayush Rathor
Ayush Rathor חודש לפני
GIROUD!!! cuz he did it against Jan Oblak and had to hit it first time
Pablo חודש לפני
Definitely red🙈 Mendy can score great goals peoples sleeping on mendy his been doing these things
Alfie O'Toole
Alfie O'Toole חודש לפני
Raphinha will never leave
James Jimalo
James Jimalo חודש לפני
Ole will kill raphina's career like what he is doing to dvb
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre חודש לפני
Official Capz
Official Capz חודש לפני
Raphinha it would be better if he was to go to Utd he would play more Dan if he went to Liverpool and in Utd he has Bruno Fred and telles to help him fit in
Big KFC חודש לפני
Please leave raphinia alone I love Him 🤩
Na .11
Na .11 חודש לפני
Ffs just when we thought mendy was impossible to get past in fifa now he will get a totw and it will literally be IMPOSSIBLE 😭😭😭
Kiril Raychev
Kiril Raychev חודש לפני
A Champions League final between Man City and Bayern Munich would be fantastic to watch.
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh חודש לפני
Someone needs to talk about De Jong!
Jamie Rodway
Jamie Rodway חודש לפני
What about dele overhead kick
S C P חודש לפני
If this doesn’t play at my funeral I’m not coming.
mein name
mein name חודש לפני
nice jacket
Lee Modise15
Lee Modise15 חודש לפני
Dele Ali: Giroud gave me free motivation 😂😉
Sean Of The Head
Sean Of The Head חודש לפני
Am I the only one who watched the Madrid game? They dominated Atalanta in the opening 17 minutes with 22 men on the pitch, and then continued to dominate after the sending off, they just lacked finishing
Big Man
Big Man חודש לפני
Casemiro had given a yellow card(misses next match), while it was barely a yellow card. Sooo both got red 🤷‍♂️
Kenechi Akosa
Kenechi Akosa חודש לפני
Forget Giroud, Dele Alli scored a bicycle kick in the Europa League :)
Matthew the Leeds united Fan
Matthew the Leeds united Fan חודש לפני
Leeds ain’t going to sell raphinia he’s Leeds uniteds best player
Converse Football
Converse Football חודש לפני
Ansu Fati getting nominated for the Laurens Award for Breakthrough player of the year deserves a mention imo..
Arjun Bharat
Arjun Bharat חודש לפני
Matt, do you play FPL?
Sankhadip Mazumder
Sankhadip Mazumder חודש לפני
salty lots pretending all tits up coz their optimistic predictions got mulled last night ... now they need to cling onto something and whine about it . A quick and nitty build up resulting in a clear goal scoring chance which in turn was denied by the last defender by simply taking out the opponent ... that's a red day in day out . Don't get the arguments about "angle of running" , "angle of shoot" ... Mendy has scored from even steeper angles than that. The defender was approaching from his right , mendy being a left footed player , it's natural for him drift towards his left and then finish with the natural left foot swing. Gasperini underestimated Madrid , he took it for granted .... he paid the price . Real might be depleted in strike force but they still have an exemplary midfield and stable defense . If any 1-2 players get's a goal scoring night madrid will win ... this time it was Mendy. Were Madrid Lucky ? Yes !! but not for that red card rather that a LB's weaker foot had to save the day from 25 yards out ... that's "Luck"
Harsh Pachar
Harsh Pachar חודש לפני
City vs Bayern for final
Fida Hussain Baryar
Fida Hussain Baryar חודש לפני
I think Torres+Traujo will solve Barca s defensive problems
The Triple S Republic
The Triple S Republic חודש לפני
Barcelona already have a defender that fits the bill Santiago Ramos. He already plays for the B team and that is where Barcelona should be looking at to strengthen the squad if the club wants to survive in the meantime.
itsyourboykailon228 חודש לפני
guys don't blame matt for not talking about giroud goal he probably fell asleep in that game atletico were playing a 6-3-1 formation
Tharun Raaj Nithiya Prakash
Tharun Raaj Nithiya Prakash חודש לפני
Idk bout you Matt but i think that Delle Alli's goal was much more stunning than Giroud's
kamran ahmed
kamran ahmed חודש לפני
Atalanta should've taken the ball to real instead letting real run over him, and real defense is not tht strong now too
Offense _Myth
Offense _Myth חודש לפני
The Matt the Myth The Legend
Brandon Callachan
Brandon Callachan חודש לפני
Whoever liverpool want man United always have to want him to
Shams Imam
Shams Imam חודש לפני
Real Madrid weren't lucky, Real dominated the game and Atalanta only had 2 shots.
tittymeister חודש לפני
@J P we dominated even before the red card, how do you think the red card even happened ? It was because we absolutely played through their press with ease via kroos and modric and isco, we were the better team regardless.
J P חודש לפני
Fam Atalanta we're down to 10 men
Brian Matenga
Brian Matenga חודש לפני
I only want Lille to win so that my RTTF Renato Sanches goes up in rating
leon muller
leon muller חודש לפני
Lucky ?? Hey matt kid are you kidding me?. Seriously you have veryyy veryy problem with muslim people. Real Madrid deserved to win this match ok.
Evon Beatty
Evon Beatty חודש לפני
Im a leeds fan and I have to say something... DONT GOOOOOOOO 😭😭😭😭😭
Paul Greaves80
Paul Greaves80 חודש לפני
How much is Giroud worth do u reckin
FanOfl4ndo Norri s
FanOfl4ndo Norri s חודש לפני
Matt please for friday feels predict the super sunday eredivisie for this weekend PSV - Ajax AZ- Feyenoord
SKB חודש לפני
Umtiti ain't worth nothing and Barca owes a 1 billion in debts
no ah
no ah חודש לפני
Don't need Torres as Barca have Aurojo and Lenglet
Nishant Joshi
Nishant Joshi חודש לפני
We need him lenglet is good but inconsistent
SKB חודש לפני
Gladbach played like trash. They had all the quality to bring problems and goals. But the they sit back. Smh why these coaches do this. Tell the players to attack defend in numbers and be lethal and clinical. That's why Hansi Flick is so good.
SKB חודש לפני
Chelsea fans feel so special pressuring to speak about there goal. Chelsea really wanna progress to play Bayern. Do they really want to be disgraced again lol. Bayern plz go in for Pau Torres
Draco 7x7x
Draco 7x7x חודש לפני
Things haven't been the same for Atletico Madrid after it all starting Hermoso and Felix going out with covid,then Giminez sidelined and Tripper ban. Agh.
Ahmad Al Bakri
Ahmad Al Bakri חודש לפני
Real Madrid wasn't lucky they were much better than Atalanta. 19 shots for them and 2 for Atalanta and real had and 69 percent possession and the goal would have happened even without the red card btw the red card made sense
oLogical YT
oLogical YT חודש לפני
From the corner of my eye it looked like you were wearing a tie
CID Samoo
CID Samoo חודש לפני
🌹R.I.P Allison Becker's Father 🌹
Richard B
Richard B חודש לפני
Barca could rebuild if they got messi off the wage bill
leonard kagiso
leonard kagiso חודש לפני
I don't think atletico can come back from blues
leonard kagiso
leonard kagiso חודש לפני
Barça must trade in lenglet for that wonderful defender
Anthony Ng
Anthony Ng חודש לפני
What about Deli Alli’s bicycle kick vs Wolfsburg!
Damion couture
Damion couture חודש לפני
How was real madrid lucky we wasn't losing Atalanta was lucky we didn't got our full team cause this clash would be ova in the first leg if #Benzi was even fit 😄
Manolo 9Eleven
Manolo 9Eleven חודש לפני
The Spanish teams are on the down, without the help of officials it will just get worse
Fasareste חודש לפני
I'm just a bit confused as to how Barcelona is supposed to send 50 Million if they are somewhere around a billion in dept xD
J B8
J B8 חודש לפני
Why would United sign Rafinha i swear they are massive rivals
BALLER חודש לפני
Raphinha you bloody baller❤️
Sir Jaden
Sir Jaden חודש לפני
My didn't you mention dele Ali goal
Roy Koushik
Roy Koushik חודש לפני
The points gap you mentioned was not correct, so please check the la liga points table quickly..
AverageatBest חודש לפני
Real VARdrid !
leon muller
leon muller חודש לפני
Lol varcelonA livarpool bayvaryan .
Hyvantell Semedo
Hyvantell Semedo חודש לפני
So u talk about messi scoring goal but u don’t mention cr7 who scored 2 amazing goal which he is the top scorer at serea A whoa 😳 Matt u gotta be fair Matt to both side u speak 🗣 about one player(any player ) performance but u don’t speak about The other players perform
D1nesh._22 חודש לפני
Idc what people say Braithewaite is doing everything he can and it's amazing. Hope they don't sell him
Mr Neel
Mr Neel חודש לפני
Giroudinho and Braithwaitdinho 😎🚬
DARREN NUNES חודש לפני
He's a lier he hates chelsea, i know this because i have watching this channel for years and he never really gives chelsea any credit.
Mr Neel
Mr Neel חודש לפני
🤔 I am flow Barcelona very close I say which player's going to coming next year if Koeman don't leave Depay - 60% chance Wijnaldum - 80% chance Garcia - confrom 🤓 It's confrom if Koeman stays
Princewill Madugba
Princewill Madugba חודש לפני
Can you bring back player power rankings
notJAY חודש לפני
editor was atletico fan.. thats why they cut sexy giroud's goal
The Highlight Stream
The Highlight Stream חודש לפני
Matt’s a Spurs fan and he barely mentioned Dele’s overhead kick 😠
Normial חודש לפני
Ronaldo fans: it was not as good as Ronaldo bicycle kick Me a Ronaldo fan: well here we go again
Lion חודש לפני
Giroud goal was good, but that was near the small box of goalkeeper and CR7's was quite away from it and also the ball was spinning in the air, which gave him time to react. CR7's was hard one, the assist came from far away and CR7 had to control it, the goalkeeper couldn't even react Respect Giroud's goal, but it isn't about fanboying a player, the credit should go where it's due
S חודש לפני
Do not disrespect Goathwaite.
S חודש לפני
Selling Lenglet and Coutinho could bring in something around 80m.
George חודש לפני
I think pau will move to real (not a real fan)
DemiGadLevel חודש לפני
Matt but dele goal was that good as well
najib abdi
najib abdi חודש לפני
why would you sell the undisputed GOAT that is Umtiti?
Chibueze Dike
Chibueze Dike חודש לפני
Nobody talked when Ramos got a red against city for the same challenge, just because it’s Ramos and Real Madrid it’s fine, when we get the same decision suddenly we are the villains, it’s literally Madrid against the world at this point
David Garcia
David Garcia חודש לפני
Han Solo
Han Solo חודש לפני
As Madrid fan I’m surprised we even won
Ian musyoka
Ian musyoka חודש לפני
rakenbone חודש לפני
K C חודש לפני
Actually Atletico are only 3 points ahead of Real Madrid with one match in hand
LTH gaming
LTH gaming חודש לפני
i also think that barcelona will sell dembele as they got fati griezmann puig and some other talents plus dembele hasent brought anything to the squad recently
urnansockwater חודש לפני
What crack are u on
xTheOnlySelim חודש לפני
When Real Madrid gets red card to their own players it’s deserved but when they get in their favor it’s lucky or unfair
Hadi Boi
Hadi Boi חודש לפני
@PLAYBOI PRINCE he’s salty
Daniel123456789 חודש לפני
@whynotbhavya im sure he is the best YOU have ever seen. Dont disrespect the legends of the game. Ramos doesnt come close
xTheOnlySelim חודש לפני
@Alexander Verheij Vidal 100% second yellow he challenged while he was already been warned my mate. U didn’t watch the game clearly. Maximum 2 offside goals and without that goals they would’ve been through but everyone forgot how Bayern got an unfair penalty and Real didn’t. Clear red last night he was through on goal Real dominated the whole fkng game and u gonna tell me the referee did it al
Alexander Verheij
Alexander Verheij חודש לפני
I mean, remember the game vs bayern with the vidal bullshit red card and three offside ronaldo goals. Its just how real rolls, last night no different, never a red.
whynotbhavya חודש לפני
@Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI hahahaha still the G.O.A.T anyway you gotta be aggressive and physical as a defender and leader and also a goal scorer well that sums up he is the best one has ever seen.
B 10
B 10 חודש לפני
I think dele's scorpion kick was better because 1) there were so many more people in front of him, and Giroud only had oblak to beat, and 2) dele did it from further away
LTH gaming
LTH gaming חודש לפני
i am a chelsea fan im calling it now Chelsea wil get to the final an d then they will bottle it in the 79th minute by 1-0
Jerome Bazuaye
Jerome Bazuaye חודש לפני
Against Liverpool 😉
Ankit חודש לפני
United have so much potential on the wings. Why the hell are we trying to sign someone instead of trying to develop some of our amazing academy players🤦🏽‍♂️
R7 Football
R7 Football חודש לפני
Not a red card... no way... yellow yes red no.. it was his first challenge and it wasn’t on purpose, he tried to get the ball and that ruined the game for Atalanta
I hala madrid
I hala madrid חודש לפני
What abt Ramos on Jesus And what abt militao🙄🙄🙄
Romeo Kato
Romeo Kato חודש לפני
abinaya vidhata
abinaya vidhata חודש לפני
Zidane said that they practiced moves like that in training, but he didn't expect mendy to score like roberto carlos and marcelo
dobby gaming
dobby gaming חודש לפני
Still going well
Mohamed Garib
Mohamed Garib חודש לפני
Suuure he didn’t save the giroud clip
Mohamed Garib
Mohamed Garib חודש לפני
I’m joking I’m sorry about the mistake and no pressure on the editors
Mohamed Garib
Mohamed Garib חודש לפני
@OneFootball English ya it was totally removed cuz a mistake not cuz Matt is biest about totenham cuz where are totenham???
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Not that it didnt save, it was removed because of a mistake! Haha
Umar arif
Umar arif חודש לפני
I'm a Real Madrid fan and red was a little too harsh.... But IT IS WHAT IT IS !!!!
hamdy karim
hamdy karim חודש לפני
Shut up it was deserved, we didn't complain when ramos got red against man city
Footydude 10
Footydude 10 חודש לפני
The best 1 was alli Because he flicked it up and had to adjust his body. But both were brilliant. Giroud did it at a better time because Chelsea were'nt creating enough
Minecraft bros
Minecraft bros חודש לפני
@Prosper Omiponle I know but Athletico only have 4 points from there last 6
Prosper Omiponle
Prosper Omiponle חודש לפני
Also Giroud did it against Laliga leaders
Vishakan s.k
Vishakan s.k חודש לפני
Why are United signing raphinha. We have loads of wingers.diallo,shoretire already in. Buy a cdm,a cb,and a no 9☹☹
YsUnFazed Jr
YsUnFazed Jr חודש לפני
Braithwaite is average but needs the respect those assists were clasd
Orange Stuff
Orange Stuff חודש לפני
Love da daily vids
MasudXㄌ חודש לפני
I still want Man United To sign Sancho
Jack Streams
Jack Streams חודש לפני
Dele Allis goal tho 🤤🤤👀👀
Tim Boss
Tim Boss חודש לפני
Hw bout dele alli goal Bicycle kick goal
Tim Boss
Tim Boss חודש לפני
@OneFootball English yep watch the whole video
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Yep, mentioned it... watch the whole video ;)
Force Sensitive
Force Sensitive חודש לפני
Dele's was better
Aadeeshvar Singh
Aadeeshvar Singh חודש לפני
RIP alisson father
MYSTERY life חודש לפני
Chelsea does well and it is cut but one bad performance and we are headlined.😑
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
No it was cut because of a mistake, no on purpose haha also when are you headlined after a bad performance? Can you show me..
Memes by Yahya
Memes by Yahya חודש לפני
Real Madrid may have a chance winning the 2 leg cuase the good players will be back but it will be tough cuase Atlanta’s defence is Insane but in my opinion Real Madrid should learn from there mistakes in the upcoming la liga games
Max Volpi.
Max Volpi. חודש לפני
@Memes by Yahya I know
Memes by Yahya
Memes by Yahya חודש לפני
@Max Volpi. true but Valverde will probably be back
Max Volpi.
Max Volpi. חודש לפני
Yea but Casemiro is suspended
David Garcia
David Garcia חודש לפני
Neffalum חודש לפני
Italian teams never show up in Europe I thought atalanta would make a mark but too bad again
Aravindh Annamalai
Aravindh Annamalai חודש לפני
Mendy's right foot is Thor's hammer 🔨
Monish Anand
Monish Anand חודש לפני
I hope Man Utd don't do any bottle-jobs today.......
Diaz Sports
Diaz Sports חודש לפני Best goals of the ucl round of 16
guitar giza
guitar giza חודש לפני
Man utd think that they can just buy everyone and that they want to go there.......
guitar giza
guitar giza חודש לפני
@Felix Geemon yh no offence I feel like Woodward uses other teams to buy players to test them out and then if it works out he's like Yeh I'll have them. Haaland raphinia Sancho(kinda)
Felix Geemon
Felix Geemon חודש לפני
Okay, I am a Man Utd Fan, and we have got one of the worst board. I could do better negotiations than that banker Woodward. 80mil for Maguire is a joke
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