Dutch REVOLUTION at Barcelona! + Man Utd to STEAL Arsenal target? ► Daily News

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On Today's Daily News - Koeman aims for Dutch link up with bids for Depay and Wijnaldum, Man United plan late steal for Arsenal target Gabriel ,massive shock in Serie A, a transfer round up and Friday Feels!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English שנה לפני
FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here’s Matts:
Madhav Sreekumar
Madhav Sreekumar שנה לפני
🤣🤣signing Dutch players, now he can coach both Barca and Holland from one place, He is really smart
Shikhar Gupta
Shikhar Gupta שנה לפני
Abidal filled up the club with overpaid french internationals. And Koeman might do the same with Dutch ones.
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp שנה לפני
Spettia are Back in the Seria A after 110 years
Scott Dally
Scott Dally שנה לפני
I feel there are going to be goals in the Champions League match
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar שנה לפני
As a Liverpool fan , I'll miss Gini , coz he has been integral to all the good things about Liverpool , his attitude has been right , but surely he'll be sacrificed , coz of the obvious reasons mentioned by Matt and also Baby , ox have got age advantage and if Liverpool get Thiago I guess Thiago will offer with age
a j
a j שנה לפני
Firmino: no-look goal
Madhawk שנה לפני
Gabriel has already completed his medical and he rejected man United before and the Lille president has said that he doesn't want a bidding war
Walter Ottosson
Walter Ottosson שנה לפני
These are my predictions: Lewandowski will equal the record for the most UCL goals in one season, there will be a red card in the champions league final and Bayern will win it.🔴🔵⚪️
Helao Immanuel
Helao Immanuel שנה לפני
FRIDAY FEELS: *Sevila will beat inter with a goal difference of 1 in the Europa league final. Bayen will bear PSG with a goal difference of 2 or more.
Arsenal Gunner
Arsenal Gunner שנה לפני
Van Dijk, De Ligt and De Vrij are the only Dutch players who could be usefull for Barca (and maybe Van de Beek).
Blair Groove
Blair Groove שנה לפני
Absolutely no one*
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp שנה לפני
I feel that "Friday Feels" 😉
Vishal Aditya
Vishal Aditya שנה לפני
I literally had the same prediction Matt!! I'm betting a 4-2 win for Bayern too! And at least one goal by Lewandowski
Aashutosh Dubey
Aashutosh Dubey שנה לפני
Dylan Cooney
Dylan Cooney שנה לפני
You’ve got the contract situation wrong with Wijnaldum, since about March there have been talks between the player and club but they have slowed down over the last month since athiago was linked
Josh PT
Josh PT שנה לפני
Arsenal can actually become a top 4 team if they sign Coutinho, Gabriel, and extend Aubameyang, and sell Lacazette
TDM שנה לפני
Friday feels:
YouBetterRun 05
YouBetterRun 05 שנה לפני
Depay is worth 35M because of his ACL injury and his contract expiring
Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs שנה לפני
Gini would be a good signing for Barça, but hopefully he stays with us.
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