Dutch REVOLUTION at Barcelona! + Man Utd to STEAL Arsenal target? ► Daily News

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On Today's Daily News - Koeman aims for Dutch link up with bids for Depay and Wijnaldum, Man United plan late steal for Arsenal target Gabriel ,massive shock in Serie A, a transfer round up and Friday Feels!

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OneFootball English
OneFootball English שנה לפני
FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here’s Matts: Lewandowski to score Bayern 4-2 PSG Inter 2-0 Sevilla
Aarif 138
Aarif 138 שנה לפני
Bayern Munich 2(5)-(4)2 PSG
Abhinandan Samanta
Abhinandan Samanta שנה לפני
psg 3 bayern 2, muller coutinho and silva on scoresheet
CT7 DabKing
CT7 DabKing שנה לפני
Roonz nice prediction
Roonz שנה לפני
PSG 2-1 Bayern, late Neymar stunner to seal the win
CT7 DabKing
CT7 DabKing שנה לפני
PSG VS BAYERN 3 - 3 Gnabry scores a goal Lewandowski scores a brace Mbappe scores Di Maria scores Neymar scores Bayern win on pens
Habaal Shem
Habaal Shem שנה לפני
This club will never be the same. The glory years of such a perfect Football (under Pep or even under Enrique) seem so long ago. Greatest club teams forever and ever (not in order): Pep's Barca, Barca 14'-17', Liverpool 18'-current, Bayern 12'-13', Milan 88'-95', Ajax 95', Real Madrid 56'-60', Liverpool 77'-84', Bayern 98'-01', Real Madrid 00'-03', Bayern 19'-20', Ajax 69'-74', Santos 60's, Benfica 60's. Give a 👍 or a ❤ if you agree with that list.
Cai Walker
Cai Walker שנה לפני
“It’s gonna be an unbelievable final either way”
Ciaran Dowling
Ciaran Dowling שנה לפני
I predict that Bayern Munich will win 1 0 against PSG coman
Riyadh Ashraf
Riyadh Ashraf שנה לפני
Psg 3-bayern1
Fahima Mohamed
Fahima Mohamed שנה לפני
Inter 2 sevilla 3
CT7 DabKing
CT7 DabKing שנה לפני
PSG VS BAYERN 3 - 3 Gnabry scores a goal Lewandowski scores a brace Mbappe scores Di Maria scores Neymar scores Bayern win on pens
Muhammed danyaal Hassim
Muhammed danyaal Hassim שנה לפני
Too late for europa game but Bayern 3 psg 1
Sajid Ramadhar
Sajid Ramadhar שנה לפני
PSG 3 - 3 BAYERN PSG to win on pens
no ah
no ah שנה לפני
Bayern 3:1 PSG Gnabry ×2 Lewandowski ×1 Mbappe ×1
sweaty teen
sweaty teen שנה לפני
Bayern 3 - 1
sweaty teen
sweaty teen שנה לפני
What a way to come back from holiday and get such great videos ❤❤
Andreas Rumpf
Andreas Rumpf שנה לפני
I mean Memphis is like 26 years old and has performed especially well in the dutch national Team so i Think he could work.
Nina Tian
Nina Tian שנה לפני
Neymar will score in UCL final At least 5 goals It’s going to be sunny in Lisbon
Thejus Cp
Thejus Cp שנה לפני
Kane to any club
Bhagwati Lakhani
Bhagwati Lakhani שנה לפני
Bayern 3-psg 1
Krish Sharma
Krish Sharma שנה לפני
Bayern 1-3 PSG
TGH_ Myth
TGH_ Myth שנה לפני
Bayern 2-3 PSG
black silversmith
black silversmith שנה לפני
3-1 bayern💪
Neeraj Gupta
Neeraj Gupta שנה לפני
Dutch Players? Bro they can't get De ligt and Van dijk😎
Portia Nkomezulu
Portia Nkomezulu שנה לפני
I think Bayern will win 4-0
Sushant Khadka
Sushant Khadka שנה לפני
3:2 for psg with their first ucl
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie שנה לפני
Great news
Afif hossain
Afif hossain שנה לפני
Bayern Munich 5 -3 psg
Hey Buddy
Hey Buddy שנה לפני
Inter2-3sevilla(L de jong will score for Sevilla) Bayern2-1psg
Joseph Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez שנה לפני
Bayern bearing PSG with a two goal difference and something controversial during the CL final
Rajah Solomon
Rajah Solomon שנה לפני
PSG 2-0 Bayern
Noof Taheri
Noof Taheri שנה לפני
Barca just have had that Dutch bond ever since Cruyff
Jaden Ramadhin
Jaden Ramadhin שנה לפני
My birthday is today and I share a birthday with Robert lawendolski
neil mandimika
neil mandimika שנה לפני
Bayern 3 Psg 1
Osman Thomas
Osman Thomas שנה לפני
Inter Milan to win by 2 goals Bayern Munich to win 3-1 And Neymar to dive and cry at the end of the game
Abdul B
Abdul B שנה לפני
Sevilla won 3-2 Matt you were wrong
Soccer God
Soccer God שנה לפני
Friday feels Since I posted this when Sevilla won the Europa league so I will say my prediction of champions league PSG 2 Bayern 1
Ghada Abu-Sheasha
Ghada Abu-Sheasha שנה לפני
Who is here after the set piece training (Europa League final) finished 3-2 to my fav club sevilla
Keo 17
Keo 17 שנה לפני
Inter 2-3 Sevilla
Ciaran Dowling
Ciaran Dowling שנה לפני
Sevilla will win the Europa league
arne שנה לפני
PSG will win by two goals to one, after an early penalty goal by Neymar
chello squeeze
chello squeeze שנה לפני
Bayern 4 PSG 3
Face Poclasher
Face Poclasher שנה לפני
3 2 for inter and 3 1 for bayern are my predictions
Xd merchant
Xd merchant שנה לפני
Nope 3-2 for sevilla
Josh PT
Josh PT שנה לפני
Arsenal can actually become a top 4 team if they sign Coutinho, Gabriel, and extend Aubameyang, and sell Lacazette
V Dawson
V Dawson שנה לפני
I hope PSG win the champion league they need the title
Daniel Wand
Daniel Wand שנה לפני
Bayern 3-1 PSG
Daniel Wand
Daniel Wand שנה לפני
Inter 3-2 Sevilla
Xd merchant
Xd merchant שנה לפני
Other way around
𝑻𝒓𝒖𝒔𝒕 שנה לפני
Matt 2 nil victory not happening 🤣 Sevilla 1 -1 Inter (live)
IamUltimate שנה לפני
4-2 Bayern
Lucas Licker
Lucas Licker שנה לפני
my predictions for the games this wknd.... Sevilla 2:1 Inter Bayern 3:1 PSG
Huto Milli
Huto Milli שנה לפני
3-0 inter Christian Erikson 1 goal😁
Cesar Macias
Cesar Macias שנה לפני
3-1 to Inter and 4-2 to psg
Randoth Vlogs
Randoth Vlogs שנה לפני
Inter 3-1 Sevilla Bayern munich 3 -1 Psg
Ilyes Dahir
Ilyes Dahir שנה לפני
That one hair sticking out of Matts hair is actually pissing me off anyone else :-(
diegoofc שנה לפני
Friday Feels: Inter 2-1 Sevilla Bayern 3-2 PSG
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez שנה לפני
Inter 2-0 sevilla Psg 2-1 bayern. Love the vids 🔥🔥
Rounak Dutta
Rounak Dutta שנה לפני
Inter 2-0 Sevilla Bayern 1-0 PSG
Jonathan McDonagh
Jonathan McDonagh שנה לפני
Europa League: Sevilla 2-1:Inter Champions League: PSG 1-0 Bayern Munich
Pragyan Jyoti Dutta
Pragyan Jyoti Dutta שנה לפני
Sevilla 2-1 Inter Milan PSG 2-1 Bayern
Kayden Dsouza
Kayden Dsouza שנה לפני
Inter Milan 2-1 Sevilla Psg 3-2 bayern
Cristian López
Cristian López שנה לפני
Friday feels: Inter to win the Europa League on Extra time Bayern to win the Champions League (as a Dortmund fan it pains me to say that)
Aashman Rastogi
Aashman Rastogi שנה לפני
prediction: uel: 0-3 utd ucl: 1-3 bayern
Nikhil Dasgupta
Nikhil Dasgupta שנה לפני
not a glorious time for this football fan, mid term exams of my final year start on monday and i live in india so all ucl games are at 130 AM:(
Sanket Hande
Sanket Hande שנה לפני
St H
St H שנה לפני
Psg4-3Bayern. Sevilla3-2Inter
Altinho king
Altinho king שנה לפני
FCB beat PSG 3-1 Inter win 2-0
Milorad Majkić
Milorad Majkić שנה לפני
My predictions: Bayern 3-1 PSG Sevilla 1-2 Inter
Max Newman
Max Newman שנה לפני
I know everyone is predicting bayern to win But I'll spice it up PSG 3-2 bayern
Armando Limon Hernandez Tlahuel Jr
Armando Limon Hernandez Tlahuel Jr שנה לפני
DC 21
DC 21 שנה לפני
friday feels : bayern 2 - 3 psg , gnabry and neymar to score inter 1 - 2 sevilla , lukaku scores and ocampos scores
Big Dan
Big Dan שנה לפני
Inter Milan 3-1 Sevilla Bayern 4-1 PSG
The-Guy-707 שנה לפני
3 0 for inter and 2 0 for bayern
esprit sport sport
esprit sport sport שנה לפני
Bayern 1 0 psg Sevila 1 3inter Martinez hatrick
Ayushmaan Suman
Ayushmaan Suman שנה לפני
I agree with Matt with the champions league but I think Sevilla will beat inter 2 1
Ayushmaan Suman
Ayushmaan Suman שנה לפני
lewondonski will score two and goreztka and Gnabry one and di Maria and neymar to score one each
bruno pit
bruno pit שנה לפני
What revolution hi is gonna bi coach for 1 sizan
The Street Gang 23
The Street Gang 23 שנה לפני
Inter 2-0 Sevilla Bayern 2-1 PSG
Francesco Boldrini
Francesco Boldrini שנה לפני
My friday feels are: Inter 1 Sevilla 2 PSG 2 Bayern 3
sam covington
sam covington שנה לפני
After last week I'm not confident with these predictions Inter Milan 2 1 Sevilla Bayern Munich 3 2 PSG
donte britton
donte britton שנה לפני
Remember Messi once retired from international football, anything is possible...
Nob Keo
Nob Keo שנה לפני
5-4 to bayern
susan fallon
susan fallon שנה לפני
Bayern 3 psg 2 /sevalli 2 inter 1
Turn it Off
Turn it Off שנה לפני
what about Donny van de beek?? I think van de beek is greater than gini vijnaldum cause he is young,aggressive,attacking minded creative young talent!
Cu Bex
Cu Bex שנה לפני
Bayern 3-2 PSG Inter 3-1 Sevilla
Raj Kirtikar
Raj Kirtikar שנה לפני
Friday Feels: Inter 2-0 Sevilla Bayern 3-1 PSG
Denis Koščak
Denis Koščak שנה לפני
Zero chance of Gini leaving Anfield. He and Kloppo are like father and son. Besides, Gini knows what happened to Coutinho at Barcelona.
ansh0133 שנה לפני
Inter 2 - 1 Sevilla, PSG 3 - 1 Bayern,
Sanad Sunnuqrot
Sanad Sunnuqrot שנה לפני
Inter will win 3-1 and Lukaku will score a brace
americanfootballfan שנה לפני
My predictions: inter Milan 3-2 Seville with lukaku to score and 3-1 to bayern with muller andclewa to get one a piece.
Jay chavan
Jay chavan שנה לפני
PSG 3 Bayern 2
Didier Clay Landa
Didier Clay Landa שנה לפני
Sevilla 0-0 Inter, 3-0 on penalties PSG 1-3 Bayern Munich
Mark V
Mark V שנה לפני
Everyone who says PSG is going to win against Bayern has absolutely no idea of football. Bayern will slaughter PSG 🔴⚪️
Rida Ramlawi
Rida Ramlawi שנה לפני
My Friday Feels: Bayern 3-1 PSG Inter Milan 2-1 Sevilla
Brandon Trigger
Brandon Trigger שנה לפני
Bayern Munich 2-1 over PSG Bayern will win
silence שנה לפני
Friday Feels : Inter 1-2 Sevilla Bayern 3-1 PSG Lewandowski scores Mbappe gets an assist Lukaku Scores
Wedz Toussaint
Wedz Toussaint שנה לפני
The french couldn’t do it now we letting dutch running the club? How about bringing good signings instead of fucking letting a certain group of people run the club. Beside why are barcelona signing old player past their prime/are in their twilight. This shit is disgusting!
Anirudh Dash
Anirudh Dash שנה לפני
PSG 4 3 Bayern. Neymar will finally score 2 or more
Naeem Rashid
Naeem Rashid שנה לפני
Before Barcelona can add players to the squad, they should think about getting rid of some
Jan Braai
Jan Braai שנה לפני
Sevilla 2 Inter 2 3. : 4 Bayern :2 Psg 3
Abhinaya Sapkota
Abhinaya Sapkota שנה לפני
Matt Every body are saying Bayern will win ucl But don't rule PSG I think PSG will win it Despite I am not a psg fan
Adam Czerepinski
Adam Czerepinski שנה לפני
Bayern 3-2 PSG Inter 3-1 Sevilla
Rhaystormz 9ja YT
Rhaystormz 9ja YT שנה לפני
Inter 3 - sevilla 1
Mani Chidambaram
Mani Chidambaram שנה לפני
Friday feels bayern win and inter with a fantastic goal from Lewandowski
Mohammad Hassan Jan
Mohammad Hassan Jan שנה לפני
PSG will win 4-3, and Inter will win 1-0
Tshepang Quinton
Tshepang Quinton שנה לפני
The champions league final will have a lot of goals, I'd say 4 Bayern and 3 PSG. Mbappe and Lewandowski will score I think Lukaku will score helping his team win the title
matthew aiken
matthew aiken שנה לפני
Messi is probably just rocking the boat to get them to shape up. It's actually highly improbable he'll leave. Even if he does, it would be great for the team. It would accelerate the rebuild big time and build a better unit. Plus, maybe we could finally play Coutinho in his position.
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