Barcelona to RE-SIGN STRIKER! + Europe’s MOST WANTED forwards!

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On today’s OneFootball Daily News… Barcelona are planning a shock move to bring Alexis Sanchez back to the club from Inter Milan, Dusan Vlahovic has rejected Fiorentina’s latest contract offer amidst transfer rumours linking him to Man United, Tottenham and Juventus, Arsenal take a spot in the Champions League places after a 2-0 win over West Ham, PLUS a transfer round-up!

00:00 Headlines
00:19 Sanchez to return?
02:13 Vlahovic on the move
03:39 Arsenal into top 4!
04:39 Transfer Round-Up

Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!

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OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Which team should Fiorentina's Dusan Vlahovic go to?
Charlie Doe
Charlie Doe חודש לפני
FIFA expert
FIFA expert חודש לפני
vex 13
vex 13 חודש לפני
@Clinton Pham he's not free next summer
FalcaoIsGoat חודש לפני
@The Cove yess
FalcaoIsGoat חודש לפני
he would be a great backup to Lewandowski.. he's getting old... honestly
VTPooks חודש לפני
I wouldnt mind Sanchez returning to Barca soul the soul reason, hes actually useful in our attack (more so than Luuk de jong) Strikers wise we are very light so bringing on in on loan that might actually play would be good
Aashesh חודש לפני
Alexis is going nowhere.He is staying at Inter
relax corner
relax corner חודש לפני
@oliver Mckenna i wouldn't mind that transfer as long as we dont have luuk de jong for another game
FF Warfare
FF Warfare חודש לפני
We need good amount of goals, I don't think sanchez can give it now
oliver Mckenna
oliver Mckenna חודש לפני
@the boss fair point mate , but is there surely some sort of alternative that could provide this service. So many slow players can do a job in serie a. Just an opinion , don’t think it should go ahead
the boss
the boss חודש לפני
@oliver Mckenna the problem is that all the youth players are either wingers or are too inexperienced to play in the striker role.Ofc Sanchez isnt one for the next five years,but i think with the crisis at that position right now,he is a decent option
Speedwagon Foundation
Speedwagon Foundation חודש לפני
No more “ I am Matt Frolich and you are the one footballers and this is the daily news” 🥺
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese חודש לפני
@Intense gaming ye but y
Intense gaming
Intense gaming חודש לפני
@ITS FOOTBALL because Friday is the last day
Sonnic Gamer
Sonnic Gamer חודש לפני
he added it mate
13 AAHAV YADAV חודש לפני
It's there bro
ITS FOOTBALL חודש לפני
Why man
Mrinal Pathak
Mrinal Pathak חודש לפני
Seems like Vlahovic is on every big team’s mind. Fiorentina about to get a lot of money for him. 😳
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman חודש לפני
@Micah Mokua eh Bailey kind of faded out, Vlahovic is top 5 strikers at the moment imo
king3aby Reacts
king3aby Reacts חודש לפני
He's coming to City 💙💙💙😤
Kushal Karki
Kushal Karki חודש לפני
@Markus Ionescu arsenal are ready to splash 75 million then imagine about city , Manchester United
Micah Mokua
Micah Mokua חודש לפני
bailey was on all the top teams minds and he went to aston villa for a not so expensive price you know
Markus Ionescu
Markus Ionescu חודש לפני
Naaah fam. He’s a 40 million sterling player at max!
PerfectDark חודש לפני
Man, how the mighty has fallen. From being one of the strongest clubs in the world to becoming the laughing stock of the league. If Barca wants someone like Alexis Sanchez you know they are desperate.
47_ ShuvankarBhowmick
47_ ShuvankarBhowmick חודש לפני
Every dog has his day. Barca had theirs
UJ 18
UJ 18 חודש לפני
How the mighty have fallen .... being a barca fan has been so hard since that atletico madrid defeat in the champions league
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman חודש לפני
@Ego Master they are delusional, just looking for the slightest glimmer of hope cuz of how desperate they are
Ego Master
Ego Master חודש לפני
Mate, the barca fan channels are talking about getting haaland.
shadow_fps חודש לפני
Bro we are not signing Sanchez.the report is coming from the media "sports" and they are not much trustable
Darshil Shah
Darshil Shah חודש לפני
Honestly, I think that Barca are an irrelevant club now.
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world חודש לפני
@JebemTiMater bro that was a friendly cmon now. We count friendlies suddenly?
JebemTiMater חודש לפני
@Gavi best youth midfielder in the world They lost after Penalties, as a Barça fan you should know that.
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world חודש לפני
And irrelevant? Fabrizio Romano put them in the hat with Haaland bro, that’s not irrelevant
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world חודש לפני
@JebemTiMater « 3 game losing streak » Yeah that’s false. Last game was 2-2
Donquixote Doflamingo
Donquixote Doflamingo חודש לפני
Nothing wrong in being irrelevant. That just removes extra pressure from media & fans. Imo it's good to be away from the limelight.
Dry Bones
Dry Bones חודש לפני
Insigne would be the best spurs signing in years
Donyea Walker
Donyea Walker חודש לפני
No more Daily news😔. Well at least I was the first to watch a video once on this amazing journey😅. Luck for the future Matt and the One football staff.
Johnny vidal
Johnny vidal חודש לפני
Is this forever?
Terminator חודש לפני
For 2021 ? Or forever??!!
Arpan Roy
Arpan Roy חודש לפני
someone who can save Barca is Ibrahimovic he did it at milan so why not ?
TaethatboyaRebel חודש לפני
i think bringing back messi is a step back for barca they need to go hard with their rebuild and restructuring on the pitch
Kindsaza DK
Kindsaza DK חודש לפני
Hehe, right...
S חודש לפני
Barca desperately needing a forgotten striker to have a chance at the Europa League spots???
King Ian
King Ian חודש לפני
I am going to miss the introduction slogan and the sound track great channel 😎👍
Peneuer SZN
Peneuer SZN חודש לפני
alexis sanchez to barca bad choice,but still good compared to luuk van basten
Berosar חודש לפני
first messi and now luuk, barca just keeps taking hits.... btw i seriously think alexis is a downgrade, xavi just doesnt know how to use luuk de jong. im also impressed with luuk de jong, somehow managed to play for sevilla, barca and now inter
Smalltalkgaming חודש לפני
Pretty insane how good Ward-Prowse at a deadball
Potato Boy
Potato Boy חודש לפני
You said that Barcelona's future doesn't look bright but if you look at the quality of their youth, especially in midfield with Pedri, Gavi, De Jong and Puig, they could still have an extremely bright future if they focus on developing these youth players while getting out of their economic woes
LižiPičić חודש לפני
Not really understanding why Vlahovic rejects Arsenal. I think they have a lot of quality and young players which would be perfect environment for him to succeed. And especially because they could be in a fight for UCL spot, worst case scenario he'll end up in Europa League but could be in the competition to win it though. In a couple of years they could even challenge for the title. It's a lot better option then Juve who are broke and bad, Atletico they've already rejected and they have already a lot of strikers, spurs are in a difficult spot, Real will get mbappe and they have benzema only Bayern I guess since Lewa said he wants to leave in summer 🤷🏼‍♂️
Chace Atkinson
Chace Atkinson חודש לפני
@LižiPičić I see what our saying. As a spurs fan I think we need a new striker and tbh sell kane. If we can get 100 mil for him to help sign some better players i would not be mad. My dream signings would be valhovic, a new centreback for dier, I think a new central centerback to pair with a very inform davies and romero. And if possible we should look at a new young keeper because realistically we will only get like 2 more years at most out of Lloris.
vex 13
vex 13 חודש לפני
All those team are better option then arsenal.
LižiPičić חודש לפני
@Chace Atkinson No I didn't meant it in a disrespectful way 😅 I meant it more like in a transitioning process and finding your style and that sort of thing. I wouldn't be surprised if you sign him. But I think that spurs like arsenal this summer need to get a couple more singings across all positions rather then arsenal who just need one striker in winter. Obviously I could be wrong and all conte needs is one striker but this is just my objective view.
Chace Atkinson
Chace Atkinson חודש לפני
I know we’re a “banter club” but I think spurs have a good chance at singing him
LižiPičić חודש לפני
@Acac hala Oh yeah, i forgot about Man city being interested... but I would still choose Arsenal. Every win, trophy and achievement means a lot more when you and your team put everything into it and I can see this young arsenal team going far. If they don't, but he still proves himself that he really is that good he'll have time to win silverware and play in the biggest clubs out there. I could understand him choosing city but idk, I think eventually you'll get feed up if it becomes that easy and in those kind of environments they have no problem replacing you and forgetting everything you've done.
Hugo Skosana
Hugo Skosana חודש לפני
If xavi and Laporte wants to bring back their mates. Than they both don't belong in their positions
Andrej Bekan
Andrej Bekan חודש לפני
Finaly some top 4 acton 😍😍😍
Vojtěch Bártek
Vojtěch Bártek חודש לפני
always found it funny how everyone cant say Coufal´s name right. It is not [kufal], but I know czech language can be little weird for rest of the world :D. anyway great content. will miss these daily news
Samiran Das
Samiran Das חודש לפני
Sanchez to barca may be a morale booster for young players. Bayern may go for Haaland as a possible long-term replacement for Lewa. What do u think?
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco חודש לפני
Sánchez 🤣🤣 barca are well and truly getting the band together
Aman Raj
Aman Raj חודש לפני
Pls don't stop the daily news, it's too precious
Imagine iniesta comes back
Donquixote Doflamingo
Donquixote Doflamingo חודש לפני
Good move from Barcelona IMO. Sanchez is of 32 so it's not like he cannot get his form back.
Donquixote Doflamingo
Donquixote Doflamingo חודש לפני
@Cian Dolan He can always regain his form. Barcelona atm have no other option but to hope. lol
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan חודש לפני
He can't. He's been finished since he left Arsenal. Phoned it in and he's been rubbish since.
macwis_gang חודש לפני
When Barca and real win out fans celebrate 🎉 when we loose the whole world celebrates that’s how big we are🥊
Lwaazii חודש לפני
please use this comment as a petition to continue the daily news😭 i will literally die if this is discontinued man i’m too attached😩
Anil Srivastava
Anil Srivastava חודש לפני
Arsenal’s captain band is cursed 😂😂
VITAL Entertainment
VITAL Entertainment חודש לפני
Barca are really scraping the barrel huh?
drnik says hi
drnik says hi חודש לפני
Will miss this show and you man...respect
Ignas Pukas122
Ignas Pukas122 חודש לפני
I dont want the dialy news to end😭😥 i dont want to watch SkySlowSports
Saiaravinth Rathinasamy
Saiaravinth Rathinasamy חודש לפני
we will miss daily news
SteveSquad חודש לפני
Barcelona will not be the same without Luuk the Jong
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world חודש לפני
Arjun B
Arjun B חודש לפני
Barca is becoming a retirement home now😂😭
Alex Ngaihte
Alex Ngaihte חודש לפני
Barca pretty much linked with evry washed up player in Europe rn
Kingman חודש לפני
I honestly think messi or neymar will return to barca
Chibueze Dike
Chibueze Dike חודש לפני
Barca becoming bad and don’t have enough money to turn it around …. Beautiful 😋
Oooga חודש לפני
Barca are down abysmal 🤣🤣
Dennis joseph
Dennis joseph חודש לפני
what about darwin nunez
Lwazi Nhlapo
Lwazi Nhlapo חודש לפני
I don't think Barca will ever learn, buy old players will not change the club.🤷 Love the videos.❤️❤️
Sammy 10
Sammy 10 חודש לפני
Nope it's just a stupid rumor, According to most reliable sources they are eyeing on Ferran torres or Cavani(for 6 months loan).
sentinel חודש לפני
Banterlona is the new retirement home for players 😂
ritvik sarswat
ritvik sarswat חודש לפני
Man who needs luuk
Jaheim חודש לפני
It give Sanchez my rubber steal the stamp
Sailesh Mahesh
Sailesh Mahesh חודש לפני
when u say last ever daily news....u mean 2021 ryt?😅
Johnny vidal
Johnny vidal חודש לפני
@Maheep Panwar ah man that’s a shame was my favourite part about the video
Maheep Panwar
Maheep Panwar חודש לפני
@Johnny vidal yes but no daily news
Johnny vidal
Johnny vidal חודש לפני
@OneFootball English hey man sorry I must of missed the new on Monday and Wednesday, will you still post videos ?
S.E.I חודש לפני
@OneFootball English what will u post then?
Sailesh Mahesh
Sailesh Mahesh חודש לפני
@OneFootball English awww mannn
L S חודש לפני
how can you stop daily news????? its the best format on this chanel!
Guy Ozal
Guy Ozal חודש לפני
Alexis is 32 years old btw
Nikhil Pande
Nikhil Pande חודש לפני
same with arsenal... you can copy ajax's jersey and everything but...
Nikhil Pande
Nikhil Pande חודש לפני
all the kings masters, all the kings men... couldn't put barca farca together again
Jesus Palmerin
Jesus Palmerin חודש לפני
😂 that’s why barca is struggling and continue to. Way to go and get 30 year olds
samuel fitzpatrick
samuel fitzpatrick חודש לפני
Messi not going back Barcelona
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world 29 ימים לפני
@samuel fitzpatrick Lmao you think he’s gonna stay at PSG? And btw Messi was gonna renew anyway, so even when the team was bad he was still gonna stay. And by then barca will be much better as a team as Xavi is already showing improvements and we will have transfer windows to improve the areas we aren’t strong at and the already impressive youth will be more experienced.
samuel fitzpatrick
samuel fitzpatrick חודש לפני
@Gavi best youth midfielder in the world he's going where he's at psg. Besides barca is a sinking ship a dead horse a broken motor the tank right now. What a shit show.
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world חודש לפני
@samuel fitzpatrick lol ok buddy where do you think he’d go?
samuel fitzpatrick
samuel fitzpatrick חודש לפני
@Gavi best youth midfielder in the world delusional
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world חודש לפני
@samuel fitzpatrick what’s stopping him from going back to Barca after his PSG contract runs out? He loves Barca and I don’t think he’d extend with PSG.
Kamogelo Kazfuego
Kamogelo Kazfuego חודש לפני
One football rumours are never true
InterStand חודש לפני
InterStand חודש לפני
@Savvle are you sure I do not see him playing in city and the player wants to play soo?
Savvle חודש לפני
There is no way Barca are getting ferran torres lmao
Delwin Macauley
Delwin Macauley חודש לפני
‘‘Desperate” barcelona😹😹😹
shadow_fps חודש לפני
At this point barca is linked with lot of players around the world.probably can see 2 players be signed in the winter most likely a stricker and a pacy winger
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world
Gavi best youth midfielder in the world חודש לפני
@sentinel Lmao torres already has a full agreement with Barca over wages and squad role etc 😂 looks like you’re wrong
shadow_fps חודש לפני
@Vinay Chiplunkar but he want to leave city its not about city fans its about his desicion
shadow_fps חודש לפני
@sentinel yeah thats why Ferran Torres begged pep that he want to join barca.
Vinay Chiplunkar
Vinay Chiplunkar חודש לפני
@shadow_fps m city fan didn't want Torres to leave, but he wants to play in homeland n Cavani surplus to Man utd
sentinel חודש לפני
@shadow_fps lmao stop believing bs they are not gonna downgrade and nobody will want to join barca currently 😂
Christian Moraes
Christian Moraes חודש לפני
Matt what do u mean last ever daily news....
Reza Esmaili
Reza Esmaili חודש לפני
Very good
ROCKY. C. S חודש לפני
5:07 last EVER?? Dafuk??
Sarwiin Sukumaran
Sarwiin Sukumaran חודש לפני
One Football fans ♥️♥️ 👇
Zahir Abbas Mogul
Zahir Abbas Mogul 26 ימים לפני
Whoelse is missing angelina
rayun mahbub
rayun mahbub חודש לפני
The show is ending??
Saif Dahabreh
Saif Dahabreh חודש לפני
GOD BLESS 🙏🙌✝️✝️✝️!!!
only1kbomb חודש לפני
last ever daily news? what does matt mean?
Maheep Panwar
Maheep Panwar חודש לפני
Tomorrow ever
rohit s
rohit s חודש לפני
What the hell is wrong with barcelona?! I'm sick to death wirh these transfer decisions! Whats the point?! Come ooonnn why?!!! I'm so tired of these pointless fkin decisions. Stop itt ffs!
Revan חודש לפני
That westham was a disgrace especially that pen he got the ball and all Arsenal did was dive
Jason Hirt
Jason Hirt חודש לפני
Where did any players dive? And there were 2 possible penalties in the first half that werent given. And even without that, arsenal completely dominated the game and definetely deserved the win.
Revan חודש לפני
@Micah Mokua yes they did but that ref need to never touch the game of football ever again
Micah Mokua
Micah Mokua חודש לפני
arsenal still deserved the win
NORED123 חודש לפני
Wdym by last?
Pratik Pandit
Pratik Pandit חודש לפני
What do you mean last ever
Pratik Pandit
Pratik Pandit חודש לפני
@OneFootball English sorry guys was out on a trip . Good luck on your new content
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
You didnt see Monday's episode? 😱 Haha, we're stopping the daily news to focus on some cool content across all of our platforms in 2022, so tomorrow will be the last one!
SupaDupaVALLE חודש לפני
Haaland to Bayern!
thatguywayoverthere חודש לפני
What a sad day. The last daily news. Im a bit depressed now.
thatguywayoverthere חודש לפני
@OneFootball English that just makes it worse.
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
The last one is tomorrow!
InterStand חודש לפני
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan חודש לפני
Take your meds and calm down, blimey...
Nicolas yl
Nicolas yl חודש לפני
Why is it the last ever daily news?
Maheep Panwar
Maheep Panwar חודש לפני
@Nicolas yl i think they wanna do something different
Nicolas yl
Nicolas yl חודש לפני
@Maheep Panwar Ik, but why
Maheep Panwar
Maheep Panwar חודש לפני
Tomorrow is the last
Susi Vaknin
Susi Vaknin חודש לפני
matt have you seen the new spiderman its crazyyyyyyyyy
Theresa Norris McDuffie
Theresa Norris McDuffie חודש לפני
@OneFootball English here in America it realeses tomorrow
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
No spoliers I havent seen it yet!!
nasran kaiser
nasran kaiser חודש לפני
Heart my commment plssss
nasran kaiser
nasran kaiser חודש לפני
Tyyyy will miss your daily news big fan btw
Skillz חודש לפני
Skillz חודש לפני
Suryakant Panda
Suryakant Panda חודש לפני
Nah bruh 😅
Siphesihle Dlomo
Siphesihle Dlomo חודש לפני
Neneharvey חודש לפני
Suryakant Panda
Suryakant Panda חודש לפני
Firssssst boiiii
Suryakant Panda
Suryakant Panda חודש לפני
@Skillz that's why my comment is on top 😂
Skillz חודש לפני
No I was
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