Barcelona OUT of Champions League! + Gini BACK to Liverpool?

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On today’s OneFootball Daily News… Barcelona drop out of the Champions League after a 3-0 defeat to Bayern Munich, Gini Wijnaldum could return to the Premier League with Liverpool or Newcastle, West Ham want Man City’s Nathan Ake or Liverpool’s Nat Phillips as defensive cover PLUS a transfer round-up!

0:00 Headlines
00:18 Barcelona drop out of UCL
02:49 Wijnaldum in EPL return
04:15 Moyes plans defensive reinforcements
05:50 Transfer Round-Up!

Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!

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OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Can Barcelona win the Europa League?
Nikita Zaikin
Nikita Zaikin חודש לפני
Yes they can and Sevilla are not in very good form lately it will be Barca conquer Europa League next year hopefully.
Srinjoy Dey
Srinjoy Dey חודש לפני
BubblegumZeus חודש לפני
but it’s crazy that everyone thinks west ham can beat barcelona… not saying they are wrong but it’s just sad how far they have fallen
BubblegumZeus חודש לפני
nah dortmund will win
deb dutta
deb dutta חודש לפני
hell yes
S חודש לפני
I’ve been thinking about Barca without Messi for a few years. I wondered if they would become an Arsenal or an AC Milan and head into the UEL, and they did.
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang חודש לפני
Lies again? RP education
the juan and only juan
the juan and only juan חודש לפני
Messi leaving is just one of the factors contributing to the current state of Barca, albeit a major factor. The other major factor is their financial situation which is forcing them to play footballers who are simply not good enough for Barca like Couthino, Lenglet, Mingueza, Luuk De Jong, maybe even Depay. Even their managerial appointments have been terrible, namely Setien and Koeman.
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson חודש לפני
@pranav jain Messi left due to Bartomeu
kasan2040 חודש לפני
pranav jain
pranav jain חודש לפני
I don’t even think it’s because Messi left it’s legit due to bartemou
Timo werner last night seemed like he had an RB Leipzig shirt underwear.
Nutrient Bath Studios
Nutrient Bath Studios חודש לפני
RB leipzig underwear
comrade shorts
comrade shorts חודש לפני
I know
rose aim
rose aim חודש לפני
D FOOTBALL חודש לפני
Yeah Mate 😄
Aadeeshvar Singh
Aadeeshvar Singh חודש לפני
muller is so underrated nobody appreciates him he should be higher in the ballon dor ik he doesn't score much still he creates so many chances
Dasher חודש לפני
The #UCL is shaping up nicely. Already some lineups I'm looking forward to. Liverpool are strong contenders, alongside Chelsea, Real and City. Am looking for to it. Great one as always, Matt!
Arunoday Ray
Arunoday Ray חודש לפני
@Raul Bercea Yea, I won’t disrespect Bayern cuz I like that team but stop speaking crap
Arunoday Ray
Arunoday Ray חודש לפני
Liverpool vs Bayern. Dream final 😍😍😍😍
Acac hala
Acac hala חודש לפני
@Raul Bercea what’s bundesliga? Thought Bayern played in farmersliga
nobody cares 123
nobody cares 123 חודש לפני
@Shen hue yeah but knowing bayern and Chelsea they will rebound.
A-Man The General
A-Man The General חודש לפני
@Raul Bercea Nice troll
Area Akhil
Area Akhil חודש לפני
mixed feelings about gini, Still We don't have a replacement for him but, He moved on So should we.....
DesertScouser חודש לפני
Screw him. As a relatively young fan (since 2012, so Idk how bad or decent these departures are), his departure didn't sting as bad as Coutinho's, but the aftermath reveals he's done just left a bad taste for me.
chubs חודש לפני
Wanted him to stay. If the club wants him back who am I to disagree. But given where we are now, his departure has allowed Harvey to pick up a lot of minutes before his injury, Jones was also featuring more than last season and I doubt we'd be seeing Morton if gini was still around. All 3 of those are guys we can realistically say they'll be around in 5 years time if we don't get a huge fee for them before then. Unlike gini who would be a short term presence on a loan deal offering no foundation for the future.
Akash Ajay
Akash Ajay חודש לפני
He's aging dude. We don't need him. We already have Milner, Hendo and Thiago who are 30 or above
G חודש לפני
Never go back to your ex, move on yes
scot mac
scot mac חודש לפני
I think Barca should be putting their efforts into becoming a great team again. The money would obviously have helped them, but they need to prioritize.
scot mac
scot mac חודש לפני
Ake is a decent players, but as you said Matt, he is just a squad player. How much did City buy him for? Was it about £50 mill? For a squad player.
NBD YankZ חודש לפני
Well when you have money to spent like city you can throw cash around
Fc Bayern Munchen
Fc Bayern Munchen חודש לפני
Barcelona's pressing is good but they need good players in the final 3rd
Red Rock
Red Rock חודש לפני
@Natanam R f**k what I just said they need to make the team around him so the world can finally see his class
Natanam R
Natanam R חודש לפני
@Red Rock I am not talking about Messi it goatwaite
Red Rock
Red Rock חודש לפני
@Natanam R no team needs "the goat" To win if your team plan is leave It to "the goat" You're gonna pull a barcalona
Natanam R
Natanam R חודש לפני
@OneFootball English we don't have the goat not Messi iylwim
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Yeh its a little unlucky for them to have so many injuries
G חודש לפני
I think it's pretty clear how important Messi was for Barca. Without Mssi, Barca cannot score. Messi alone got 5 goals in UCL, while Barca could only score 2 goals in all their 6 group stage matches. Not to mention their terrible stats in laliga either. All those who said that Messi was way too comfortable at Barca, well screw you guys, I'm going home
Orane Parkinson
Orane Parkinson חודש לפני
@Thorston with Messi we would've absolutely made it out of the group. Without a doubt
Thorston חודש לפני
@Maheep Panwar with or without messi, they wouldnt have gotten far, this season will be an eye opener for barca
Maheep Panwar
Maheep Panwar חודש לפני
@Preferatul fetelor yea
Preferatul fetelor
Preferatul fetelor חודש לפני
Same thing with Man U and CR7
rohit s
rohit s חודש לפני
Ake is a left centre back proper. West Ham could use him.
Pritam Biswas
Pritam Biswas חודש לפני
Xavi and Barca players should take the Europa League seriously and give their best. Europa League has some really good teams and it has been a pretty good and competitive tournament in the last few seasons so it'll be a nice experience for some of the young Barca players.
Vicro Bussy
Vicro Bussy חודש לפני
Es increíble en lo que se ha convertido ya el barça y la verdad es que tampoco veo al barça para competir en la Europa league.
K חודש לפני
@Casey Haning Puta barca 😂
Casey Haning
Casey Haning חודש לפני
Vicsa el barca
Mayuresh Jog
Mayuresh Jog חודש לפני
They'll get kicked out of Europa league too if they don't get better
Pradyun Sushena
Pradyun Sushena חודש לפני
As a Chelsea fan, I’m not too scared of what’s to come in the UCL. Yes, Bayern and Ajax are in really good form; so are Real Madrid! But, I feel we can cope with all of them in the Round of 16
Nikk star
Nikk star חודש לפני
Lol if Chelsea don't start performing they might get knocked out
1DehBB חודש לפני
Lol no you can’t you drew against zenit 😹😹😹
Abhay Kumar
Abhay Kumar חודש לפני
Remember you lot saying Real Madrid are gonna have nightmare season in UCL ? 😂
youngdoctor Sunnyboy
youngdoctor Sunnyboy חודש לפני
Timo Werner misses a lot of chances just to be criticised the whole week and the other week he is on the scoresheet again😅
DENMARK חודש לפני
Matt is the best Presenter NEVER LET HIM GO ONE FOOTBALL
Kingpee Prints
Kingpee Prints חודש לפני
Barcelona makes HISTORY 💪💪💪
Ivan Jardel
Ivan Jardel חודש לפני
Man Barcelona won’t even get to the semis in the Europa League
Danush Pasupathi
Danush Pasupathi חודש לפני
In predictions before season started... I remember you guys picking barca to be dark horses or surprise and Madrid to have a season to forget... Guess who's having what 🤣
George1908 Konstantinou
George1908 Konstantinou חודש לפני
If you think about it, the game was United's Young Boys vs Young Boys
ΟΚΣ חודש לפני
I miss the power rankings we used to have
Demar Morrison
Demar Morrison חודש לפני
Gini must shame liverpool dont miss him lol😂🤣😂
Amal David
Amal David חודש לפני
Send Joe gomez to West Ham. He'll be a star by the end of season.
Barca has more chance to qualify in top 4 in la liga than Gini to EPL 🤣😂
diogo jotter
diogo jotter חודש לפני
And now ladies and gentlemen, we'll see luuk ding dong play like prime R9!!!!🔥🔥
Dry Bones
Dry Bones חודש לפני
I think nat phillips is the more likely west ham signing
Ab_gleb _
Ab_gleb _ חודש לפני
It's really hard being a barca fan these days🥲
King DJ
King DJ חודש לפני
@Donquixote Doflamingo I'm a Barca fan but I watch every other league because I'm not only a Barca fan but I'm also a football fan
Chibueze Dike
Chibueze Dike חודש לפני
Me being a Madrid fan 😌
Donquixote Doflamingo
Donquixote Doflamingo חודש לפני
I mean if you aren't spanish you don't really need to support them. Watch other clubs while they fix their shit.
King DJ
King DJ חודש לפני
@Raghav Kishore V We ligit make Arsenal look more decent...
Raghav Kishore V
Raghav Kishore V חודש לפני
Being an arsenal fan is worse
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson חודש לפני
Left field opinion, i would pull Tuanzebe out of loan to Aston Villa and send him on loan to West Ham. Steve G will not give any game time to a man utd player, so no point to keep him there
Murray חודש לפני
Now M'bappé will say "Gini... Outnaldum"
aspebb חודש לפני
0:32 A couple of years ago? Nah, Matt. That 8-2 booty clap Barca got happened last year 😂
Bilal Ahmed Shariff
Bilal Ahmed Shariff חודש לפני
@Cian Dolan Yes, but 8-2 was the real peak
Hehe siuuu
Hehe siuuu חודש לפני
@Cian Dolan even 3-0 juventus
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan חודש לפני
And the 8-2 wasn't even the start of the decline. You can look back to the Roma comeback in 17/18 for the first indicator. The 4-0 loss to Liverpool only exacerbated the problems, and they've kept getting worse.
Bilal Ahmed Shariff
Bilal Ahmed Shariff חודש לפני
He meant couple of seasons
The Asian Sensational F.C
The Asian Sensational F.C חודש לפני
No wjnaldum please don't leave my team psg
Vaibhav חודש לפני
Bring gini back💯
Vaibhav חודש לפני
@G new player takes time to settle, but he will not
G חודש לפני
He's aging and declining, so no, get a new midfielder that's young and up rising
Surafel Kebede
Surafel Kebede חודש לפני
Doubt it 🥺
Willy in The wilderness
Willy in The wilderness חודש לפני
Coutinho to Liverpool for free since they owe us money for him still. I think he would add goals and give him a confidence boost. We do often forget how good he was for Liverpool. Yes I am salty he left and how he left.. but I think we would benefit and he would. As long as his wages are lowered
Angie Holdsworth
Angie Holdsworth חודש לפני
I don’t think Barca can win anything this season there team isn’t strong enough
Veart חודש לפני
I remember when u guys started this, it's been a year and a month now
Sonwabile Booi
Sonwabile Booi חודש לפני
@OneFootball English I remember that transition. I might have missed an announcement somewhere, but that rebranding was unexpected but fantastic. The Daily Mews is now synonymous with the black and yellow now though
Veart חודש לפני
@OneFootball English when u guys restarted from #1
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
Longer than that, that number is since the re-branding! We started the daily news in January 2018!
Natanam R
Natanam R חודש לפני
Why didn't you mention Zidane who made his debut for man utd becoming first south asian British player to play in ucl game
Abhinav Goswami
Abhinav Goswami חודש לפני
Sevilla and Leipzig >>>> Barcelona right now (Barça fan)
Aman Goel
Aman Goel חודש לפני
And who knows even leverkusen with schick and Wirtz in top form..
nobody cares 123
nobody cares 123 חודש לפני
Surprise surprise you lose a goat and you become shit. Happened to Madrid Happened to juventus Happening to barca
Tru3Straya חודש לפני
COME BACK WIJNAMLDUM. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Syahmi Sufian
Syahmi Sufian חודש לפני
watch this while waiting for a certain irish guy that we know to make a joke about barca
रोहित חודש לפני
Winaldum was never a starter for psg mid just bunch EPL deluded fans thought so
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan חודש לפני
@रोहित Yeah, uh huh sure, buddy
रोहित חודש לפני
@Cian Dolan just go and watch this guy's video in the beginning of season and not only this most of English pundit and show were starting him
Kirkii חודש לפני
Stop making stuff up, no one said that. Its Psg that promised wijnaldum to be starter or giving him certain amount of game time. Nothing to do with epl fans
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan חודש לפני
Nobody ever said that, what's wrong with you?
King DJ
King DJ חודש לפני
We are the definition of finished Let's just hope we maintain a Top 4 finish by May next year. The manager isn't the problem and that has been evident these past 3 years.
024_Swapnil Gohil
024_Swapnil Gohil חודש לפני
@Acac hala no real competition nice pun:)
King DJ
King DJ חודש לפני
@Acac hala Ikr
Acac hala
Acac hala חודש לפני
Stay loyal boys your time will come again. As a madrid fan it’s a bit boring having no real competition
King DJ
King DJ חודש לפני
@Nilesh Mehta and even that is in doubt Proves how dead of a club we are rn
Nilesh Mehta
Nilesh Mehta חודש לפני
I don't think we are going to finish top 4 this season
Jose Arias
Jose Arias חודש לפני
The Europa league is underrated
thomasNL חודש לפני
‘You are not going to win in a goal match against ronaldo in a champions league campaign’ - *Haller entered the chat
Crocc חודש לפני
He should go back to Newcastle.
Felix Geemon
Felix Geemon חודש לפני
Hi Matt, predictions for Round of 16?
K חודש לפני
@Galacticos But unfortunately we won't face them 😅
Tafari Wilson
Tafari Wilson חודש לפני
@Galacticos you're the goat man🐐
Felix Geemon
Felix Geemon חודש לפני
@OneFootball English what matches do you want to see
OneFootball English
OneFootball English חודש לפני
The draw hasnt even happened yet 😂
Dennis joseph
Dennis joseph חודש לפני
What the heaven happening to sebastian haller
Reza Esmaili
Reza Esmaili חודש לפני
Very good
Nasif Tahmeed
Nasif Tahmeed חודש לפני
Vamos salzburg
Ok'darlain Arizona
Ok'darlain Arizona חודש לפני
Anywhere you see a Barca fan, cuddle him coz we have being through a whole lot past few years...🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Glenn Fernandes
Glenn Fernandes חודש לפני
Barca after winning the Europa league I won but at what cost
Bobsky98 חודש לפני
Calm down mate
Chibueze Dike
Chibueze Dike חודש לפני
What win?
Jamail van Westering
Jamail van Westering חודש לפני
Matt, the problem was never Koeman, Koeman from the beginning was right, this squad isn’t good enough, yet people like you yourself, claimed that those matches were lost because of his tactics, pretty much showing how much you didn’t know about the situation. You yourself have said and I quote, under Koeman they would have lost the match (and this was for their first game under Xavi) The problem has always been the squad and the board… that was the problem, Laporta only made a bad situation even worse by first losing Messi (given their financial situation this would be understandable) but then on the last day selling Griezemann with no adequate replacement already through the door, dealing an even worse hand to Koeman, but to then turn around and fault Koeman for these results? Hate to break it to ya but under Xavi things haven’t gotten much better and Koeman had to deal with a lot more injuries than Xavi had
Srijan Pandey
Srijan Pandey חודש לפני
@Jamail van Westering LOL, you're amusing. This isn't the first time the whole Dutch brigade has supported one of their own. I don't have a problem with it until it's false and you're clearly trying to protect your own. This has happened in the past as well. Koeman was Van Gaal's assistant at Barca if you didn't know. They had created a toxic atmosphere at Barca, something Rivaldo will tell you very well about. Listen, you've got nothing and throwing stones in the dark, so I'm gonna leave you to it.
Jamail van Westering
Jamail van Westering חודש לפני
@Srijan Pandey except they are not his friends and neither is Van Gaal. the guy that forced him to resign at Ajax outisde of the host. none of these people are journalists and both know Laporta and Koeman. both hold no loyalty to either that's how they work. they have criticized Koeman in the past. the board does decide on some stupid transfer businesses decisions that clearly caused this downfall which is also what :Laporta failed at in his first term a lot
Srijan Pandey
Srijan Pandey חודש לפני
@Jamail van Westering As I said, the Dutch media has been feeding shit to you guys. I know about the interview. Johan was a big influence in Laporta's first term with his big appointments but Koeman was the problem, if you don't see that either you're biased, ignorant or hate Barca as a whole. I mean Koeman was a fraud, that should be enough of an assessment about his time at Barca as a manager. I will say this again, Koeman was one of the problem not the only one but if allowed he would have done more damage than Van Gaal did in his second term. Koeman has Van Gaal's arrogance but hasn't learnt even half the things Van Gaal knows.
Srijan Pandey
Srijan Pandey חודש לפני
@Jamail van Westering LOL, this is what the Dutch media has been feeding you. The board doesn't go on the field and stop the manager's work. This narrative is outright stupid and born from Koeman's journolist friends.
Jamail van Westering
Jamail van Westering חודש לפני
Koeman wasn't the problem, it really shows how closed your eyes are. These problems started way before Bartomei. in the last season of Laporta. On a panel with Van Basten. R de Boer Gullit and 1 other former player and a journalist on Ziggo Rondo (a Dutch soccer discussion show) Gio (van Bronckhorst_ pretty much admitted. Laporta is just a good guy but doesn't understand leading a club or understands the game. when it came to involving sports it was pretty much Johan Cruyff who took the decisions. Cruyff told jhim to go for Rijkaard And now his son is the same seat as his father. despite the fact that his son doesn't even come close in any regard when it comes to football intelligance
Kyron Browne
Kyron Browne חודש לפני
Barca's new coach Xavi is all talk, with very little action
K חודש לפני
Also barca fans need to stop hyping Xavi, do that after he wins a major trophy currently he's just another Lampard or Pirlo
K חודש לפני
He needs stop copying Zidane's words 😂 Xavi before the betis and bayern game "tomorrow is a final" He ain't got the juice like that.
King DJ
King DJ חודש לפני
1. Too early to judge 2. The team is the problem not the manager which has been evident these past 3 years 3. We're simply not good or consistent enough to win anything
Nilesh Mehta
Nilesh Mehta חודש לפני
Too early to judge
Funhistani חודש לפני
Barcelona will destroy everyone in Europa League 🤩🤩
Suria prakash
Suria prakash חודש לפני
@Funhistani better than depay and luke combined😭😭😂😂🤣
Nikk star
Nikk star חודש לפני
@Funhistani that's why they are 4th rn. Right now Barca isn't even 4th in an easier league
ierbutza21 חודש לפני
Yeah same as in the ucl late stages the last few seasons,i dont see them win,semi at best.
Funhistani חודש לפני
West Ham are a fluke. They won't even be in Top 4 of PL
Funhistani חודש לפני
@Suria prakash Ooohh..Antonio. What a scary striker. Lol 😂
Swad Bodhy
Swad Bodhy חודש לפני
This is only the beginning, barca season you may not even compete in Europa league!!!
K חודש לפני
Relegation 🔜
Markus Ionescu
Markus Ionescu חודש לפני
I’m so happy for Barcelona. I hope they go bankrupt as well
Markus Ionescu
Markus Ionescu חודש לפני
@the boss I wish Messi was there to experience losing Europa league as well
K חודש לפני
@the boss Joker live in the present barca is a tinpot banter club
the boss
the boss חודש לפני
these words will bite u back one day,maybe not in the near future but it will come back to u
Donquixote Doflamingo
Donquixote Doflamingo חודש לפני
They can't go bankrupt.
Preferatul fetelor
Preferatul fetelor חודש לפני
Dc,bossulica? :( Fotbalul e in corzi,are nevoie de cat mai multe echipe mari.
Surendra Timilsina
Surendra Timilsina חודש לפני
Xavi is the Ole of Barcelona
Monamela Mokhesi
Monamela Mokhesi חודש לפני
@King DJ XAVI at the wheel na na na na na na
Rehan חודש לפני
Stick to hockey
King DJ
King DJ חודש לפני
Lemme guess You're gonna go on the stupid bandwagon now, trolling Xavi and saying #XAVIIN "Give him a 10 year contract" "XAVI IS AT THE WHEEL" blah blah blah
*HuZzY;.p חודש לפני
Tf he lost 3-0 away to bayern and he drew 0-0 with benfica Meanwhile koeman lost at HOME to bayern 3-0 and also got trashed by benfica 3-0
Alexcia Tulloch
Alexcia Tulloch חודש לפני
Go ishaan GO
Go ishaan GO חודש לפני
Alexcia Tulloch
Alexcia Tulloch חודש לפני
Kagiso Dlamini
Kagiso Dlamini חודש לפני
Sumaiya Tasnim
Sumaiya Tasnim חודש לפני
barcelona got what they deserved😌😌 they did those nasty trolls now those trolling are hunting them- whatta blessing for eyes😌🤩🤩
The CRAZIEST night in UCL +  Dybala to Liverpool?!
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