5 ways to STOP Real Madrid winning La Liga! ► Onefootball x 442oons

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OneFootball English

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The Onefootball x 442oons show is back with 5 ways to STOP Real Madrid winning La Liga! As Real charge towards victory, Messi, Greizmann and Suarez plan to take out Zidane, Ramos and Hazard, replace the referees and win more points!

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OneFootball English
OneFootball English שנה לפני
Which option is the best for stopping Real Madrid?
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 3 חודשים לפני
Griezmans idea was amazing but true
Sarang Gupta
Sarang Gupta 4 חודשים לפני
Take out Main Man
Aatif Shawkat
Aatif Shawkat 8 חודשים לפני
Take out their main man Hazard
I AM Alessio
I AM Alessio 9 חודשים לפני
Kilipslupka K
Kilipslupka K 10 חודשים לפני
Lord_Nitronix שנה לפני
Greizmann: We stop real by getting more points than them in the remaining fixtures. *ITS GENIUS!*
Lord_Nitronix 9 חודשים לפני
wow 2000 likes.
Savitri Haridasu
Savitri Haridasu שנה לפני
Just like me 😎 JK JK JK
Jmxnoz שנה לפני
Why didn’t Barca think of that sooner
George Omwoyo
George Omwoyo שנה לפני
Actually real are going to win laliga
LukeTheAppleJuiceEmo שנה לפני
Greizmann is senor shitpost
Muna Omian
Muna Omian שנה לפני
Everyone gangsta until Griezman comes up with ideas
Sudarshan g
Sudarshan g 8 חודשים לפני
Chewy Suarez
Chewy Suarez 10 חודשים לפני
UrMonky 11 חודשים לפני
i expected griezman giving everybody new haircuts so they wont apeer to the game or cant see anything 😂
sunsetting 11 חודשים לפני
Some say we are still gangstaring
Joseph Urbina
Joseph Urbina שנה לפני
Mohamed Mahmoud
Mohamed Mahmoud שנה לפני
"Do your worst setien!" "Even his best will do"😂 As a Barca fan that makes so much sense to me🤣
Whittar 2
Whittar 2 שנה לפני
This joke makes even more sense now...
Soutrik Sarangi
Soutrik Sarangi שנה לפני
@ansu the beast atleast we won the Clasicos 3-0, 5-1 back then. And we almost went unbeaten in the league. And under Setien u won't see another Roma or Liverpool cuz we won't even win the first leg by a big margin from now on. Playing Arturo Vidal as RW, playing Suarez instead of Griezmann...all these make so much sense to u, no?
ansu the beast
ansu the beast שנה לפני
tbh dont really understand the joke when are doing actually better under setien , what do you expect win the ucl and la liga with is this grandpa squad with players who cant run and control the ball, i am not saying setien is perfect comparing him to valverde is foolish.
Mohamed Mahmoud
Mohamed Mahmoud שנה לפני
@Deepti Saxena no I watched us against celta vigo, Atletico, and Sevilla, the only good performance was the last game, you're the one who doesn't watch us
Deepti Saxena
Deepti Saxena שנה לפני
You obviously don't watch barca's games
Iskren Stoynov
Iskren Stoynov שנה לפני
The way that vinicius faild to hit messi made me cry 😂😂
ilijandar 5 חודשים לפני
It made me to talk for 20 min when he scored in el clasico
Wendel N
Wendel N 5 חודשים לפני
It made him cry too😂
Can This Potato get 10k subs
Can This Potato get 10k subs שנה לפני
It’s nice to see he doing this not just in the prem
paco ramon
paco ramon שנה לפני
Premier Leafue didn't even have a tittle race this season.
Jayanta Saha
Jayanta Saha שנה לפני
@Jesse Lingard Yes by opening a movie theatre where you can shoot films where apparently Jadon Sancho is joining Manchester United
Aaditya Chhatre
Aaditya Chhatre שנה לפני
Prem still needs some more competition. Wait until next season, the prem will be a war zone.
Samuel Biswas
Samuel Biswas שנה לפני
Bruh he does epl a lot more because most of the big games are in epl...
Mo 011
Mo 011 שנה לפני
@Ire Mesaiyete other than atletico in 2014 no one other than real or barca won the la liga since the early 2000s
KyleBlade שנה לפני
Griezmann; guys listen to my ideas Suarez's; shhhh he scores one good goal and thinks he owns the place 😂😂😂
yordi teshome
yordi teshome שנה לפני
Doing all at the same time
thatboym110 שנה לפני
Kojo Assan true
Kojo Assan
Kojo Assan שנה לפני
It was a sick goal to be fair Lol
William Hennyng
William Hennyng שנה לפני
1:45 thought the Chelsea game ref was gonna come
Anonymous Dog
Anonymous Dog 6 חודשים לפני
Musab Farah
Musab Farah 8 חודשים לפני
Me too
Jack Ray
Jack Ray 11 חודשים לפני
Extern Flames
Extern Flames שנה לפני
its a f****** disgrace
Ali Dennis
Ali Dennis שנה לפני
They should've brought him in😂😂
mike oxlong
mike oxlong שנה לפני
2:44 LMAO Vinicius shot it into the roof 😂
Afroza Parven
Afroza Parven שנה לפני
Cazookid72 שנה לפני
He can’t shoot
Anonymous Dog
Anonymous Dog שנה לפני
thatboym110 שנה לפני
That’s how his aim is irl
Colex שנה לפני
Me:Dean, srsly dude be honest who will win la liga? Everyone: Dean:MAn CIty WIlL wIN ThE lEAguE
56-Tritoy Bhattacharyya 6-I
56-Tritoy Bhattacharyya 6-I שנה לפני
Everyone: Real Madrid will win la liga
Ricardo Hoàng
Ricardo Hoàng שנה לפני
@Updated Autopsy Report Man City will stomp the Latvian Liga if Arsenal isn't there
Updated Autopsy Report
Updated Autopsy Report שנה לפני
A Latvian League win Man Citt
JSG2005 שנה לפני
They will win the Mililliuple
Lord_Nitronix שנה לפני
and they will win the nation’s league and the ostrian bundesliga.
Jakub Zagrodzki
Jakub Zagrodzki שנה לפני
Griezmann's idea literally destroy me😂😂
Jesutobiloba Salam
Jesutobiloba Salam שנה לפני
Wats hazard still doing with a hamburger in his hands😂
Mamoun22 שנה לפני
Ik it was so funny 😂
Jesutobiloba Salam
Jesutobiloba Salam שנה לפני
@Kojo Assan Saw it too
Kojo Assan
Kojo Assan שנה לפני
Hazard wasn't even hit by Messi lol
Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas
Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas שנה לפני
He also has a football glued to his feet, and so does Pulisic.
Jesutobiloba Salam
Jesutobiloba Salam שנה לפני
@Odegaard 21 Ok😒😁
BP Bullet
BP Bullet שנה לפני
Griezman: we’ll win by getting more points in the remaining fixtures! Me: **It’s hard to argue with his assessment**
Baba DookDook
Baba DookDook 11 חודשים לפני
Hmmmm this grass is green
unnamed name
unnamed name שנה לפני
Hmm yes the floor here is made out of floor
Preferatul fetelor
Preferatul fetelor שנה לפני
He's got a point
Tan שנה לפני
I legit thought Antoine was going to come up with a good idea😂😂😂
Fifa Fun
Fifa Fun 3 חודשים לפני
Me too
Vibez שנה לפני
He did tho
Aayush Srivastava
Aayush Srivastava שנה לפני
Who knew one day Koeman will be manager 😂
bradley שנה לפני
I haven't watched this video yet but I'm 100% sure there's sth to do with Ramos
bradley שנה לפני
@EpicMemeBoi couldn't come up with your own comment so you're using mine for likes😂🚮
Arian שנה לפני
EpicMemeBoi שנה לפני
Hey Guys! We got Sherlock over here!
LLIBRO שנה לפני
You don't say
Zeno The Omni King
Zeno The Omni King שנה לפני
Barcas problem is not Var, It's not referees Its the quality of their football! The big words of Rivaldo
Ahmad Makahleh
Ahmad Makahleh 16 ימים לפני
I'm a barça fan I say there the best team ever as they have wonderkids with great potential
ツNikunj שנה לפני
I remember I started watching you since 2014 world cup. I slightly remember that intro with every nation! You have come a long way mate and got famous as u deserved! Cheers
Rahul שנה לפני
3:40 I woke every person in my room by laughing hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
09xMusic שנה לפני
imagine they sell messi...........
12 - MS Jacob - IX D
12 - MS Jacob - IX D 2 ימים לפני
Elihr שנה לפני
@Shivam Thakur braithwaite is actually good
moha kuruud
moha kuruud שנה לפני
If messi goes they will be number 18 17 or 16 😂😂
They will be better off without messi because when he leaves they’re gonna stop depending on 1 person
meli שנה לפני
@Tim Tielemans Without zidane we would be in the relegation
The Wumpus
The Wumpus שנה לפני
Luis Suarez: Take out Real's main man Gareth Bale: throw the golf ball on his own head
thatboym110 שנה לפני
Asad Nazim
Asad Nazim שנה לפני
Believe it or not. Griezmann's Idea is the best
Karthik Sujith
Karthik Sujith שנה לפני
Who else thought Messi looked like Diego Simeone during the fight at the madrid dressing room?
I love Nutella
I love Nutella שנה לפני
@Abhishek Malhotra yea
Abhishek Malhotra
Abhishek Malhotra שנה לפני
More like John wick
Omarahmed שנה לפני
Why is Suarez so mean to antoin 😂
MiracleZI10 games
MiracleZI10 games שנה לפני
The life of Eli
The life of Eli שנה לפני
Cause people like this narrative better than the one of them getting along lol
Ricardo Hoàng
Ricardo Hoàng שנה לפני
@IsaacTheGoat Antoine even knocked Messi outta World Cup with Mbappe's help too!
Joachim Rombouts
Joachim Rombouts שנה לפני
Because Messi and Suarez wanted Neymar to return and were disappointed with Griezman
Bogdan 27
Bogdan 27 שנה לפני
@Fathi imran Saleh You deserve that
Footie Fan
Footie Fan שנה לפני
The last one was genius by griezmann. Best idea ever
Hafeey Hariz
Hafeey Hariz שנה לפני
John Wick Messi isn't real he can't hurt you John Wick Messi : 2:22
SPM 1 שנה לפני
Messi wick
Samin Matin
Samin Matin שנה לפני
@Ricardo Hoàng yes
thatboym110 שנה לפני
Ricardo Hoàng me too
Ricardo Hoàng
Ricardo Hoàng שנה לפני
I want John Wick Messi to kill Bartomeu
Jack Ray
Jack Ray שנה לפני
Griezman has the most sensible way to stop Madrid and I love it.
Rory שנה לפני
Is this 442oons combined with OneFootball cause it 🔥
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía שנה לפני
Yes, it does appear that way
Charizard X
Charizard X שנה לפני
They are getting paid but not so much. Why you ask? Because this is kind of a sponsor for both the channels with one footballers getting introduced to their channel and at the same time the people from their channel getting introduced to one football. But at the same time bigger platforms like Bundesliga charges 442oons for posting videos through their channel as this is a form of sponsorship.
Rory שנה לפני
Gaming Ka Sultan oh right
Egbert Crafton
Egbert Crafton שנה לפני
@lucky Sharma I wanted to say that but I didn't want to make any assumptions
They are getting paid
soiung toiue
soiung toiue שנה לפני
2:44 LMAO Vinicius shot it into the roof 😂
The Reaper
The Reaper שנה לפני
I like how Hazard dives immediately before anything hits him 😂 (and yes I get the joke, before anyone tells me)
442oons שנה לפני
The 6th way...?
Onefootball is cllanges
Jacob-t-Champion שנה לפני
Taco שנה לפני
1 more ref Chelsea vs barcar 2009 ( you should know who im talking about)
Jonathan Bacenty
Jonathan Bacenty שנה לפני
@Football Memeology wow salty much?
Gingerpie72 שנה לפני
Get rid of griezmamm
Shashvat Singh
Shashvat Singh שנה לפני
3:12 he didn’t really kill hazard though
Anonymous Dog
Anonymous Dog 6 חודשים לפני
@Shubhranshu Dash 😂
Dr. Common Sense
Dr. Common Sense שנה לפני
Oh thanks for clarifying I was so confused to why Hazard haven't been reported dead today and why Bale haven't been reported arrested.
XDBOIZ Montages
XDBOIZ Montages שנה לפני
Shashvat Singh he died from a McDonald’s overdose
Anas Chunara Man U fc
Anas Chunara Man U fc שנה לפני
TheGrtShubh an heart attack I think
Shubhranshu Dash
Shubhranshu Dash שנה לפני
Well he died from exhaustion
Andreyash שנה לפני
Griezmann: "We stop real by getting more points than them in the remaining fixtures" No,no, he's got a point.
Lil Stonez
Lil Stonez שנה לפני
Griezmann:I have an Idea,... We get more points in the last remaining games. Suarez: You're a GenIIIUUUSSS 😅
Huzzzer שנה לפני
"Do your worst Setien" "Even your best will do" lmaooo
Anonymous שנה לפני
1:10 literally had me crying
Akash Vijay EDZ
Akash Vijay EDZ שנה לפני
Griezmann's good idea.. 🤣🤣🤣 it's a thug life
PromzTV שנה לפני
Onefootball x 442oons equals a video everyone would watch👏👏🥳
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt שנה לפני
2:44 LMAO Vinicius shot it into the roof 😂
D J שנה לפני
These are the type of vids we need
thatboym110 שנה לפני
Stanley Sithole
Stanley Sithole שנה לפני
Hazard goes down easily he still has his diving skills, I guess he was going to say Referee
seeni gzty
seeni gzty שנה לפני
The way that vinicius faild to hit messi made me cry 😂😂
Melon_Dude שנה לפני
Show them a picture of Messi’s new haircut. Then they will laugh so hard, they would break 4 ribs.
Melon_Dude שנה לפני
Olivia Martin
Olivia Martin שנה לפני
Well, what do you know? That might actually work!
Adeel Tahir
Adeel Tahir שנה לפני
Last option was best hands down Absolute genius 😂😂
Aryan Srivastava
Aryan Srivastava שנה לפני
I thought one of the ways would be "Bartomeu Out"
Rok in igor show
Rok in igor show שנה לפני
Griezmann at the end: Yeah this is big brain time
DribbleGod XD
DribbleGod XD שנה לפני
You know what would be good if Barca played a 4-3-1-2
Simphiwe Mntambo
Simphiwe Mntambo שנה לפני
@Ricardo Hoàng and where was busquets since you say only roberto and messi were in the midfield?
Ricardo Hoàng
Ricardo Hoàng שנה לפני
@ALG Ali No because in that game Vidal and Alba played like they are the true forwards
ALG Ali שנה לפני
Ricardo Hoàng are you on drugs
Ricardo Hoàng
Ricardo Hoàng שנה לפני
@maham sayam Problem is that it was basically 4-3-1-2 but it actually was 3-2-5 with only Sergi Roberto and Messi were in the midfield 😂
Drifted Soul
Drifted Soul שנה לפני
@maham sayam 5th in the league🤷🏻‍♂️
Isaac Emmanuel
Isaac Emmanuel שנה לפני
Vinicius’s shot was on target!! 😂😂😂😂
Ali gaming
Ali gaming שנה לפני
Bale: to be fair I don't follow football That killed me 😂
Huy Nguyễn
Huy Nguyễn שנה לפני
3:23 You had won lots of those,try to win the champion league with that way 😈
Brrr שנה לפני
Griezmann's plan sounds so crazy that it just might work
JUUUS 27 שנה לפני
Love how vinicius shoots his pen right into the ceiling
Slipman שנה לפני
Nobody: Really nobody: Koeman: I U S E D T O P L A Y F O R B A R C E L O N A
Anonymous Dog
Anonymous Dog 6 חודשים לפני
@raditya i am. He is Barca’s new manager
raditya שנה לפני
are u time traveller?
Kojo Assan
Kojo Assan שנה לפני
He's now the coach
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte שנה לפני
U ok bro
Anonymous Dog
Anonymous Dog שנה לפני
El Aprendiz Barca boss edition
Harsha V
Harsha V שנה לפני
I love the Luka Modric animation with the Ballon d'Or
Marin Marin
Marin Marin שנה לפני
Hahahahaha!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄 Antoine's way how to stop Real Madrid from the La Liga title is so funny!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄
Saira Cheriyan
Saira Cheriyan 10 חודשים לפני
Louis is my favorite 😂😂 and the dark arts 😂
El Flaco
El Flaco שנה לפני
Griezmann's idea killed me 😂💀
Tekkz Football
Tekkz Football שנה לפני
I actually thought griezmann might have a decent idea🤣🤣🤣
The irony of the day is vinicius jr still can't find the target 😂😂😂 2:43
Hunter__254 Wakanda
Hunter__254 Wakanda שנה לפני
The guy playing Suarez is seriously funny😂😂
the c.f.a.
the c.f.a. שנה לפני
#5 Have Pep replace Real Madrid's first team with the Man City one that played against Southampton (+Bravo) in exchange for signing him after Setien is sacked.
NRG Kisui
NRG Kisui שנה לפני
I was hyped throughout the video till I heard Greizmann😂😂
Terra Cobynnha Andoh
Terra Cobynnha Andoh שנה לפני
Gareth saying "I don't follow football" got me lol.
Amd1021 שנה לפני
The ending is just hilarious 😂
Sports Newz
Sports Newz 11 חודשים לפני
Griezman's idea really cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
NoObMaStEr שנה לפני
I saw this video again now, after 2 Months 😂.442oons correctly predicted Ronald Koeman
Sketchy שנה לפני
Bonald Boeman*
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu שנה לפני
Griezmann's idea literally destroy me😂😂
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui שנה לפני
Griezmann's idea literally destroy me😂😂
isacovich fun
isacovich fun שנה לפני
It's weird Messi was using pens because he often misses them
Uzzi Miles
Uzzi Miles שנה לפני
1:58.. He scores one good goal and thinks he owns the place.. 😂😂 3:45.. Suarez shoots griezmann with a tranquilizer.. I see what u guys are doin to griezmann.. 😏😏
Adon Saab
Adon Saab שנה לפני
At 3:22 without messi you're still not winning la liga 😂😂
David Taneski7
David Taneski7 שנה לפני
If Barcelona watched this video before they would've won la liga
atharva vaidya
atharva vaidya שנה לפני
Messi doing a bicycle kick is just a cartoon sight 😂
Bianca Mullner
Bianca Mullner שנה לפני
Poor Griezmann! And lol at Hazard dying by Mackies and diving!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy שנה לפני
Hazard goes down easily he still has his diving skills, I guess he was going to say Referee
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt שנה לפני
Hazard goes down easily he still has his diving skills, I guess he was going to say Referee
izuchukwu nwankpa
izuchukwu nwankpa שנה לפני
Griezman's idea though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Umar Jillani
Umar Jillani שנה לפני
How can you make such classy vedioes in such a short time, unbelievable. Keep up the hard work
Mik שנה לפני
The first one is an insult to Setien. His teams have always played beautiful football. Give him some time por favor
Lol troll
Lol troll שנה לפני
0:12 lol i really laughed how zizou says impossible
Syncs שנה לפני
Best part Suarez = even ur best will do😂😂
Yahia Salem
Yahia Salem שנה לפני
2:43 That Vinicius Jr and Benzema duo tho
4186 Danish Singh
4186 Danish Singh שנה לפני
He scores one good goal and acts like he owns the place 😂😂😂 Suarez literally murdered greizmann there😂😂😂
Rojin Maroor
Rojin Maroor 11 חודשים לפני
2:29 how did hazard die 😂😂😂
xx_xser_xx שנה לפני
I laughed Soo hard when Gareth Said hazard was reals main man
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco שנה לפני
LOL - Gareth Bale golfing 😂 poor hazard
CyberPES MOBILE שנה לפני
Griezmann is genius😂
crty_ שנה לפני
I loved the part when messi was John Wick it was so funny
Chhaya Bhatkar.
Chhaya Bhatkar. שנה לפני
Suarez to Setien:- Even Your Best Will Do!!😂😂😂🎖️
Bot_general שנה לפני
" Did you know, I used to play for Barcelona " that's from the search of manager for Barcelona XD
Fidel Guerin
Fidel Guerin שנה לפני
When it said take out their main man and then cut to Suarez with Bale I thought they were implying that Bale was their main man
Naz Haq
Naz Haq שנה לפני
That's the best barca trio played the whole season!!!
Tarkan Bashllari
Tarkan Bashllari שנה לפני
6th alternative: Sign Liverpool's entire defence.
Anthony Mba
Anthony Mba שנה לפני
But retain stegen
DJcaptain 125ツ
DJcaptain 125ツ שנה לפני
1:57 to 2:03 To be fair it was a good goal😂😂
thatboym110 שנה לפני
Crazysuperman50 שנה לפני
IsaacTheGoat שנה לפני
Edwin ng'ang'a
Edwin ng'ang'a שנה לפני
messi turning from a GOAT to an assassin 😅😅😅
Grace Kanyi
Grace Kanyi שנה לפני
Suarez is Savage 😂
matthew aiken
matthew aiken שנה לפני
"Even your best will do"💀 No cap It's funny cuz it's true 😂
King Kim
King Kim שנה לפני
John Wick part was so damn hilarious😂😂
Vicro Bussy
Vicro Bussy שנה לפני
Confío en que remontaremos.
Biswadev Majhi
Biswadev Majhi שנה לפני
Messi as John wick 😂
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5 ways Messi can STAY at Barça! ► OneFootball x 442oons
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💩5 Ways to Fix Man Utd💩 (Ole's At The Wheel!)
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Fighter Tricked His Opponent
Florid Miston
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RESUMEN | FC Barcelona 2-3 Real Madrid CF | Supercopa de España 2022 | Primera semifinal
The St. Louis Blues lookalike cam is too much 😅 | #shorts